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  1. Samuel_Griffin

    Under Review Make Tournament flying maps available at all times for players

    I think that making tournament flying maps available for players to practise in or play for fun would be great! This could be in a GUI like /games or just anything really. I’m struggeling with some of the maps because they can only be played in challenges in tournaments, making them available...
  2. Samuel_Griffin

    Less or no server restarts in boss battle arena’s

    I think there should be less or no server restarts in boss battle arena’s, this is because when the server restarts you will most likely die because you cant do any spells or the boss’s health with go back to full. This is super annoying: With Valdemar (Anniversary event) I died multiple times...
  3. Samuel_Griffin

    Improve or remove Kyla in the Zirxas boss battle

    I think something needs to be done about Kyla in the Zirxas boss battle. While she should be attacking Zirxas, she is doing Stupeficus on the wall, randomly in the air or even on the players who fight Zirxas. In fact, she hits me more then she hits Zirxas. This is really annoying and killed me...
  4. Samuel_Griffin

    On-Hold Add commands to save/load a hotbar

    I think adding commands to save and load a hotbar would be a great addition to the dueling system. "/hotbarsave (name)", "/hotbarload (name)" and "/hotbarlist", adding these commands will make it much easier to equip different hotbars. Per example you can do "/hotbarsave dueling class" while...