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  1. Flippy

    Enabling all Floo Locations Again (Specifically for RP)

    We're aware of the complications the Revelius Update had for roleplayers and our Roleplay team is working on solutions. Our current plans involve a roleplay hub (accessible from the Great Hall), where you guys will be able to travel to all roleplay relevant locations that will be built with new...
  2. Flippy

    Under Review Make Dueling Gear-Free

    Confirmation bias includes preaching to the choir. Most of those who reply to threads (on any forum) agree with the it. My point was that you cannot use one thread's responses as a measure of the entire community's opinions. For examples of threads with almost unanimous support: Hogsworth ->...
  3. Flippy

    Under Review Make Dueling Gear-Free

    Correct, I should have included that too. I'd also like to note that I used the amount of likes on the original post as a measure of support. The part about replies was in reference to the mob mentality. I believe I checked unique viewers. Also, I think this thread has received more attention...
  4. Flippy

    Under Review Make Dueling Gear-Free

    While gear will not be removed from PvP, we are currently working on adjustments that we aim to release sooner rather than later. We will not remove a whole system purely because the first iteration has issues, but we will fix the issues as quickly as possible. All I can ask is that you bear...
  5. Flippy

    Under Review Make Dueling Gear-Free

    To clarify, when I said that I meant skill and spells won't be the ONLY determining factors. They absolutely still matter, otherwise you would see players who aren't considered the best duelists on the server winning tournaments. It is true that to be on an equal playing field both players need...
  6. Flippy

    Magical Patchworks, Resource Pack, Minigame, and Mine Depot Updates [August 6th 2020]

    We've introduced quite a few resource pack changes that impact housing and magic. We're also bringing back some of the minigames that were no longer accessible due to the Revelius Update. Magical Patchworks Cometes Now only freezes water. Glacios Now only freezes water. Incarcerum Now...
  7. Flippy

    Under Review Make Dueling Gear-Free

    Not true, it absolutely is still skill based. I may have said that it is not ONLY skill based now, which is true.
  8. Flippy

    Vendor Update [July 26th 2020]

    We've added broom recipes and gear recipes to the vendor! Gear recipes sell for a small amount based on their level and rarity. Broom recipes sell for a tenth of the price of purchase. We're hoping this opens new viable avenues for earning gold and makes grinding for items more worthwhile.
  9. Flippy

    July 2020 Dueling Tournament

    The Dueling Finals have taken place today! Congratulations to Axsthete for being victorious! Here are the results: Thanks to everyone who participated in this tournament, see you next month!
  10. Flippy

    Gear Hotfixes [July 23rd 2020]

    Over the next few months we'll be slowly balancing gear to better identify each piece within its level, rarity, gear slot, and playstyle. This will take some time, but we've made a few crucial changes to ensure the gameplay experience is still smooth. As our servers restart, the following will...
  11. Flippy

    July 2020 Dueling Tournament Sign Up

    Welcome to the sign up thread for the July 2020 Dueling Tournament. This tournament is a 1v1 tournament that will take place on Saturday July 25th at 12pm PST. Sign ups will close on Friday July 24th at 11:59pm PST. How to Join Comment your in-game name and house on this thread and we'll add...
  12. Flippy

    New Broom Models

    We have new broom models available in-game! These only affect the new brooms added in the Revelius Update and do not apply to any of the brooms available from the exchange.
  13. Flippy

    Introducing the Events Team

    Now that Revelius is out, we want to continue creating other content, outside of the world map, for the server to enjoy. With this, we are reintroducing the Events Team in order to create large scale, exciting, and more story-filled events! This role is called Magiventologist. Magiventologists...
  14. Flippy

    July 2020 Flying Tournament

    Today we had a very close competition for this month's 1v1 flying tournament. We would like to congratulate MagmaMeMilky for flying their way to victory! Here are the results: Race 1 1st: :honeybadger: Frebii 2nd: :honeybadger: BetsyTheBird 3rd: :raven: MagmaMeMilky 4th: :honeybadger: xMarit...
  15. Flippy

    July 2020 Flying Tournament Sign Up

    Welcome to the sign up thread for the July 2020 Flying Tournament. This tournament is a 1v1 tournament that will take place on Saturday July 18th at 12pm PST. Sign ups will close on Friday July 17th at 11:59pm PST. How to Join Comment your in-game name and house on this thread and we'll add you...
  16. Flippy

    Tournaments and Challenges Update

    Now that Revelius has released, we're changing how tournaments and challenges are run from here on out. We want to make some changes to have greater variance in the competition that we provide, and therefore we're going to be running 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and even 5v5 tournaments. However, only...
  17. Flippy

    Post-Revelius Patch Notes [July 13th 2020]

    Following the release of Revelius, we've noticed quite a bit of confusion regarding some of our new features and we've been working on fixes to clear it all up. We'll be rolling out the following changes as worlds restart over the next few hours. Location discovery no longer has a level...
  18. Flippy

    Revelius is Here!

    Witches and Wizards, the long awaited Revelius Update is finally here! After about half a week of maintenance we are ready to open the flood gates to you guys. Thank you for your patience and continuous support with getting this update out. We know we're a little late but we've been working so...
  19. Flippy

    Revelius Changelog

    World Map Hogsworth, along with many other classic builds, have received updates. Most of the world is now connected. You can now fly from Hogsworth to Hogsend and from Hogsend to Griffins Hollow! We've also added many more new villages and towns, as well as more builds, like the Mysterious...
  20. Flippy

    June 2020 House Cup

    We’d like to congratulate Raven for being the winners of the second quarter of 2020! Here is the final tally of house points: :raven:Raven 28,271 points :griffin:Griffin 25,245 points :honeybadger:Honeybadger 23,908 points :serpent:Serpent 23,516 points Celebrations have now begun in the Great...