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  1. Zmooya

    Remove Water from Wiz PE

    You're definitely right! The course should be the main thing that's the challenge, not getting back to the beginning of your stage. However, imo, I think the fact that it's the only course right now with that extra factor that makes it so difficult makes it more intimidating. Saying this, I'm...
  2. Zmooya

    Remove Water from Wiz PE

    All of the current maps except wipeout don't have water, so I'm a little confused by your suggestion :' ). In my opinion, wipeout should keep the water as it adds to its reputation of being the most difficult and frustrating course. I personally only offer that course for people who have...
  3. Zmooya

    Count to 100, 1000, 10,000..

    4043 c:
  4. Zmooya

    September Store Releases

    Everyone knows Zmiya
  5. Zmooya

    September Store Releases

    Greetings, witches and wizards! As it is the beginning of the month of September, we have some new fitting store releases for you all to enjoy! You can purchase these items on the store by clicking here! This month's store releases include the: Butterbrew Festival Hat Barrel of Butterbrew Hat...
  6. Zmooya

    Back to School Store Sale

    Hello witches and wizards! It's that time of year again where students will be excitingly returning to school! To celebrate, we have a back to school sale for you all for a limited time only! Until the 1st of September, all items on our store will receive up to 20% off! Note: This sale does...
  7. Zmooya

    Declined VC Element to Classes

    This actually already has existed on Potterworld when we had Teamspeak. Some professors would choose to do exactly this, both the lesson in-game and on VC. If this were to be brought back though, it wouldn't be a requirement of the professor as it's a lot of extra work and some people don't like...
  8. Zmooya

    Where did you get the idea for your in-game name?

    Zmiya is Bulgarian for snake, and when I first came up with the name, I was a Karkaroff. Then Zed and I started calling each other Zmooya and Zedmoor, so I changed my name to Zmooya as Zmiya was taken. :D
  9. Zmooya

    Declined Homorphus spell castable on other people

    It might just be easier to block all shape shift spells on the classes server.
  10. Zmooya

    Declined Lightsaber for pvp

    Event items are always cosmetic and I don't think that should be changed for lightsabers. Besides, it's not really fair on players to change the lightsabers after they've already worked hard for them. There'll be players who don't want Spectrus on their lightsaber and there'll be players who do...
  11. Zmooya

    Declined Lightsaber wand skins!

    I get why this would be a cool idea, but I disagree with this idea. A lot of people worked really hard to get lightsabers from doing the event and so putting them up for sale on the store, even if it's just for the event, takes away from the event completely. Why put hours of hard work into the...
  12. Zmooya

    Declined Some Wandless magic

    I don't really see it as an advantage at all. If you're in a duel with someone, wouldn't you expect them to have a wand out? Besides, if this does prove to be an issue for any reason or violates the EULA, then a simple way to get around this is to just have the wand as like maybe magic particles...
  13. Zmooya

    Declined Some Wandless magic

    I see what you're saying, but having this item specifically for roleplay purposes seems a little unnecessary to me. I think a really great idea is to have a new wand appearance that shows you're casting spells without a wand. Not only can you use this for roleplay purposes now, but also anyone...
  14. Zmooya

    Declined Adding a new broom to Potterworld MC

    It really wouldn't be hard to add it to the shop though. It's such a minor change that I don't see why it'd be an issue to implement it at all. As for class brooms, while that is a possible alternative for sure, the current two scheduled classes are at 4am for me which means that anyone within...
  15. Zmooya

    Declined Adding a new broom to Potterworld MC

    I actually think this is a great idea! 250 gold isn't really too hard to get, but there's no reason why there shouldn't be more options. I feel like it could just be a bluebranch with limited uses and I think 20 or 30 gold is a fair amount.
  16. Zmooya

    Declined Hogsworth Tours

    I think this is a good idea that should definitely be looked at after the Revelius Update but the only issue I see with it that newcomers don't join the server in groups typically. If a tour guide decides to show a player around the server and then another newcomer needs to be shown around, are...
  17. Zmooya

    Under Review Random Teams for Star Wars Minigame

    For me, both work just fine because both ways technically give any player a chance to be on a strong team. It's just about being quick to pick a team which really isn't a difficult task. I always manage to pick the team with the stronger players (gonna mention I have pretty bad internet and...
  18. Zmooya

    Declined Roleplay Inner Circle Members

    Although this would be kind of cool, it's not necessary at all. The current roleplay titles for Dark Lord, Head of Serpents, Head of Ravens, etc. are needed because they're significant roles in the books/films, if that makes sense, whereas "Dark Baron" and "Dark Mistress" and others aren't even...
  19. Zmooya

    Completed Star Battle Event Fixes

    Hello! I've noticed some issues that are pretty frustrating to me and I'm sure to many other people too. Firstly, the bomber class (I can't remember what exactly it's called) is really, to be honest, quite annoying and should either be removed or changed to be less overpowered. I feel like I'm...
  20. Zmooya

    On-Hold Housing Ideas

    Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad more terrain sceneries will be coming soon :o