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  1. Joel Crestello

    The Roleplay Hub

    The Roleplay Hub We're introducing a brand new location to the server called the Roleplay Hub. From there, you will be able to access all Roleplay Base Builds and access any running events. Just speak to the Roleplay Hub NPC at the Headstaff table in the Great Hall to go there, then speak to the...
  2. Joel Crestello

    Move daily reward

    move the daily reward from the daily activities section to the general Me menu. I forgot it existed since the taskboard was removed, been missing out on a lot of gold
  3. Joel Crestello

    Under Review Ideas for herbology

    Pots; a portable system for plant growth and other ideas to improve herbology. Herbology has become different from what it used to be before and is now focused on the exploration and being a key part in cooking and potions. This, in a way, pushes it to the side and makes it less important -...
  4. Joel Crestello

    Duplicate Return Polls to discord

    Right now, suggestions are done in a very specific format: 1. player suggests something 2. poltergeist picks it up and brings it to the team to discuss 3. they discuss further, especially if its to do with specific departments n that 4. its decided whether its a good idea or not and the...
  5. Joel Crestello

    The Aurorlock Redemption Event

    The Aurorlock Base has been reopened! The Ministry of Magicians has helped our Chief Aurorlock rebuild the brand new department and has officially made the Aurorlock Offices open to the public. To attend this event, travel to the Ministry via the Telephone Box in London, enter the new...
  6. Joel Crestello

    Roleplay Section Information

    We have created this forum section to split Roleplay announcements from other discord channels and forum sections so you can directly find and keep up with Roleplay News. From now on, Roleplay Updates and Event announcements will be posted in #roleplay-updates and this forum section. We have...
  7. Joel Crestello

    Under Review Switch epifio casting

    Pretty simple. Switch casting on yourself to Left Click and casting on others to shift Left click. Or the option to choose which way you cast it.
  8. Joel Crestello

    On-Hold More secret travel methods

    If we want to encourage players to travel, then it should be more rewarding. By this suggestion, I mean things like the vanishing cabinet: a form of travel between two locations that can be found by exploring. It rewards players for going the extra mile by giving them more options in terms of...
  9. Joel Crestello

    Declined Lower fire dust cost

    Right now fire dust costs: 1 = 20g 5 = 100g 10 = 200g From Hogsworth, the most expensive fire dust options are 6 fire dust (120g). I suggest cutting these prices down to: 1 = 5g 5 = 25g 10 = 50g This would make it much more affordable, people are already spending a lot of gold on gear and...
  10. Joel Crestello

    On-Hold Lower spell tree reset cost

    IMO 50 ac is a bit much to reset your spell tree. If you're in a time zone where there are little to no classes then its going to be extremely difficult to reset. Even if you accidentally place 1 spell point on the wrong spell, you have to reset the whole tree. I suggest lowering it down to...
  11. Joel Crestello

    Under Review Ship and boat rides to islands

    I'm not sure if this is already a thing but it would be cool to add boats around Wigtown and Gnollberg Port which can take you to Ireland and Greenshore Harbour for a small fee. It would make travelling more effective and realistic. Not sure if this is already a thing but would be cool nonetheless.
  12. Joel Crestello

    On-Hold Promoters/shopkeepers in villages

    It would be cool to have promoters in villages around the world. It would make it more realistic and fun, giving people another purpose to travel around. If one location becomes really popular and you place a promoter there (sell mob loot from locations near that village) you can benefit from that.
  13. Joel Crestello

    Roleplay - Ministry Attack Live Event

    A great battle awaits! Join the Dark Followers and Phoenixes as they march into the Ministry of Magicians on Saturday 20th June, 12pm PST in an attempt to get rid of its corruption and Shakti once and for all.
  14. Joel Crestello

    Declined Player Profile inventory item

    either looking like the head of the player or a completely different item, this would be something the player can have in their inventory which can be used as a shortcut to the /me menu. yes it's easy just to type /me but with an item it can be much smoother
  15. Joel Crestello

    Roleplay - Destruction of the Bases

    The two Allegiance bases have been attacked! They were destroyed beyond repair and have forced all the members to evacuate. Players may venture into the bases to retrieve hidden items and exchange them for new collectables - though be careful! Check out the newest Daily Diviner Breaking News...
  16. Joel Crestello

    On-Hold Wand Appearance Suggestion - Loba's Staff

    In Apex Legends, a brand new character has been introduced by the name of Loba. One signature thing about her is her weapon - a staff with a wolf head. I believe this would be a really cool wand appearance to have. There are a number of pop culture references on the Potterworld store when it...