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  1. Callie

    How Is Everyone?

    I know with school starting and quaratine things get a little stressful, so how is everyone?
  2. Callie

    H and Scout

    So recently there has been lots of messages from Joshua Pendragon (leader of the Phoenixes) about two beings named H and Scout. I'll put a spoiler in case you're not 100% caught up on the (terribly confusing) adventures of Joshua H and Scout. Again, thanks for reading!
  3. Callie

    Destruction of the Bases/What I think is next

    On May 29th, the Phoenix and Dark Follower bases were destroyed by the Aurorlocks, leaving behind items that players are able to find and turn in for rewards. I didn't do as full of analysis as some others I saw, but I did put together some things that I think are new. This does contain...