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  1. chatis1234

    Duplicate Selling to vendors

    When selling gear recipes add a option to sell all this would make it easier to sell as currently it kicks you out of the GUI after selling
  2. chatis1234

    Declined Appa Broom Apreance

    With the release of the thestry broom appearance and the others to come, I think that it would be a good idea to make an appa broom appearance The message yipp yipp should also be sent in to chat once the players mount it.
  3. chatis1234

    Declined Private Games

    So recently I was with a group of people wand we all wanted to play quabbleball ut we count to get all of us in a game or be in a game just on our selves so there should e a command some servers use /p private or /g private create (game) the first option is for when you are in a party and the...
  4. chatis1234

    Declined Broom Apreances

    So I was thinking as there are some pop-culture references within the wand appearances such as the Infinity Glove, The mercy Staff, The Infinity Staff, and The Sonic Devices 10 and 11 just to name a few. While the Brooms also have Pop culture references with the magic carpet color scheme from...
  5. chatis1234

    On-Hold Wizard Games

    So recently I've seen that a majority of the Dueling classes are Hunger Games. While in a Duoling class playing Hunger Games I came up with the idea of Wizard Games. Wizard Games is much like the Hunger Games that most old school Minecraft players either played or watched. This would also be...
  6. chatis1234

    Potterworld Quabbleball Lueague

    The P.Q.L Potterworld's First Quabbleball League 10 gold entry fee Each week teams are drafted Points are based on players Win = 3 points Tie = 1 point There are around 3 games per week A player must play a total of 8 games Teams consist of 7 players (any position) Time and date for...
  7. chatis1234

    Declined Familys

    Hello so with the revival of potterworld roleplay scene I thought that families would be given a bit more ability. Some servers have a guild system. For those that do not know a guild is a group of people (in this case a family) that have similar interests. There should be a Family system where...
  8. chatis1234

    On-Hold Voting Multiplier

    So if anyone remembers the daily login streak this is sort of similar every day you vote for the server the rewards you get grow and I'm not talking about voting tokens more of the Ac or Hp. EX... Day 1 10 ac 1 Hp Day 2 12 ac 1 Hp Day 3 12 ac 2 Hp Day 4 14 ac 2 Hp another idea is being able...