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  1. Deniz

    In-Game Store & Wand Rename Addition

    There will be a confirmation menu - read this thoroughly and make sure it's the name you want. If it's a 1-2 letter typo, we'll probably be lenient and help you out but it's up to the player to make sure they don't make any typos :-)
  2. Deniz

    In-Game Store & Wand Rename Addition

    It brings us much excitement to announce that we finally have a place where you can try most of our items from the store! This is to ensure you really like what you want to buy, before actually buying it - and maybe you see something else that you end up falling in love with. We’re calling this...
  3. Deniz

    Inquisitorial Squad Updates

    Greetings everyone! After a lot of internal discussions, we’ve made the decision to move the Inquisitorial Squad into the Game Design department. This decision was made due to quite a few big reasons, but at the end of the day, we feel as though given what the Inquisitorial Squad is in charge...
  4. Deniz

    On-Hold Online /friends

    Sorting your friend list so online is shown first is planned, I'll see if I can get this completed soon :-)
  5. Deniz

    Completed show health of opponent after 1v1 arena duel ends

    Hey, instead of showing the health after the duel ends, I've added a health bar underneath the player's health. An example can be seen here: I also added a new cool feature: After a duel, it now shows statistics for each player: I'll probably expand this a bit more in the future but I...
  6. Deniz

    reset 1v1 arena leaderboards

    Time based leaderboards won't happen anytime soon because it requires quite a large rework, but we'll most likely reset it with 1v1 Arena being a whole new system now
  7. Deniz

    Reintroducing 1v1 Arena

    Hey everyone! It brings us great excitement to announce that 1v1 Arena is making a return to our server! In order to queue for this, simply log on, type /games, and select the game! It works a bit differently now, though: Gear will not affect these games. Everyone will have +9900 health, +500...
  8. Deniz

    On-Hold Make Dueling Gear-Free

    Thanks for the opinions and comments everyone - this thread has more than enough off-topic comments and passive-aggressive comments, which is why I'll be closing this thread for now. Before I do so, there are a few things I wanna comment on and mention. How are we not hearing you loud and...
  9. Deniz

    On-Hold Make Dueling Gear-Free

    Oh, also, we're working on bringing back 1v1 Arena as well, where everyone has the same set of gear (or possibly no gear) so they're all equal. This should hopefully make dueling more fun as well. We were considering adding different sets, so there was like a 'tank gear set' and an 'assassin...
  10. Deniz

    On-Hold Make Dueling Gear-Free

    For the past month we've had meetings that lasted hours discussing gear and what to do with it, and we've come up with a lot of different ideas that we're trying to investigate. Right now the solution we're looking for in terms of PVP is disabling gear (like this thread suggests), but that's...
  11. Deniz

    On-Hold Quabbleball (yes, again) Rule Interpretation

    If searchers really are that much OP, we can always make it slightly harder to grab the snitch as well - our snitch AI is really smart and really customizable, so all it takes is tweaking a few things.. not saying that's what I want to do, but the offer is on the table if that is what you guys...
  12. Deniz

    On-Hold Quabbleball (yes, again) Rule Interpretation

    Hi! I don't really play Quabbleball as much anymore, but I can definitely imagine the frustration with this strategy. I agree it's not considered trolling, so any punishments given out in the past for this will be pardoned (although I believe only one was given, and that was yesterday). I do...
  13. Deniz

    On-Hold Quabbleball Tab Changes

    Hi! I want to quickly bring back this post here - is this post still the case, or did it take some getting used to? If it's still the case, I can push a tweak to it so it only uses the first letter of the position, like this: Looking forward to your comments, thanks in advance :-)
  14. Deniz

    Completed Quabbleball Teams Based off of Tab

    Very interesting... I looked at the code, and it turns out it wasn't random.. sort of. It was based on the order of players joining the game first, which is usually very similar to previous games (hence why you seemed to join the same team). I've added proper randomization now :) Apologies for...
  15. Deniz

    Bug Fixes & Improvements [December 17th 2020]

    Greetings everyone! It sure has been quite a while since our last development patch notes post, but no need to worry! We’ve been working hard behind the scenes. Today’s patch notes post contains the release of the long awaited scoreboard, some tweaks to the game and what we’ve been working on...
  16. Deniz

    On-Hold Quabbleball Tab Changes

    It's funny because the code for it has been there since the creation of Quabbleball, it was just not working. We released a change for something else a few hours ago that fixed this - so that's why it was suddenly appearing now. At first, it was like (P) in light grey parentheses and the team...
  17. Deniz

    New Head of Griffin

    Greetings everyone! It brings me great excitement to announce that SysterTM will become the newest Head of Griffins! Syster has been in Griffin for as long as anyone can remember, and is a Griffin through and through. She shares all the values that the Griffin house is about. Her bravery is...
  18. Deniz

    New Hub

    Try clicking the 'Play Now' button at the top of the page, it should tell you how you can join the server :) If you need help in-game, please use /t create [question/issue] and a staff member will help you :D
  19. Deniz

    New Hub

    Completely understandable, and definitely something we took into account when changing it. If another big update happens, we will most likely re-enable the old one during the maintenance, for the sake of exploration, nostalgia and overall a better time-consuming hub :-) This one is simply meant...
  20. Deniz

    New Hub

    Greetings everyone! We have completely redesigned our hub, it is now much simpler, contains some cool images, and overall more friendly for all players. We want to take the time to explain the reasoning behind this! Looking at the data, we noticed that a great deal of players actually don’t...