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  1. Chance

    New Assistant to Head of GD

    Congrats Autumn! This is so well deserved <3
  2. Chance

    Declined Year Titles

    Heya @ItzGoddess ! Thanks again for making this suggestion. We value your ideas and suggestions, and can't wait to hear what else you come up with to benefit the server! After careful consideration, we have decided to decline this suggestion because this will clutter tab and that isn't something...
  3. Chance

    On-Hold Party Accepting

    Hey Keira! Your suggestion has been brought up to the team and I'm pleased to inform you that this has been accepted, as this is something we'd like to do. We understand that while trying to use party commands it can be frustrating to accidentally send messages in phoenix chat, and we would like...
  4. Chance

    January 2021 Sledding Tournament Sign-Up

    PancakeFollowers (Badgers), HelloImLonely (Serpents).
  5. Chance

    Under Review Quabbleball Teams

    Hey there, 1psaonly! Thank you for taking the time to make this suggestion. We are always looking for ways to improve the server, and we love seeing your thoughts and ideas! I will now share your suggestion with the rest of the Poltergeist team, where we will carefully consider it. Once we have...
  6. Chance

    New Head of Griffin

  7. Chance

    New Hub

  8. Chance

    Winter Waltz 2020 Sledding Tournament Sign Up

  9. Chance

    Roleplay - On the Trail

  10. Chance

    Halloween Writing Competition Winners

    Woo congrats to you two, and everyone who participated! You guys did a wonderful job <3
  11. Chance

    Count as high as you can until a staff member comes on: 2.0

  12. Chance

    An Explosive Investigation

    Woo this sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to do some detective work myself :o
  13. Chance

    Store Update | 11/14/2020

    Woo! This is such a great idea! Thank you to everyone who played a role in making it happen! :heart: