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7th Anniversary Competition Winners

Hello Witches and Wizards!

The judging period for the 7th Anniversary Photo and Writing Competition has been concluded. There were so many wonderful submissions, it was hard to choose only 6 to be our winners for this competition. As a special thank you for entering, we've decided to award all those who entered 200 Potter Points!

Now, onto the winners!
Most Heartfelt: angelinahh and TeknoPsycho
When I try to talk, it feels like I’m doing hurdles. Conversations are like an obstacle course with a shiny prize at the finishing line: a topic or something to grasp on to to keep the interest of the other person. I try to leap for the common ground and stumble, planting my face into the dirt. I try to analyze their body language and appearance, reaching for something that they may be interested in. Oftentimes, socializing is more like a chore of gaining the attraction and interest of other people. And, in that pursuit, I feel like I lose my own identity in an attempt to fit others’ interests. I get tired of constantly doing laps; trying to be interesting to others sometimes makes me feel like I’m losing my own personality.
This leads to a very different point that I found out recently which is, I feel more like myself as a witch online travelling through Potterworld, than myself in my own body. Potterworld fosters a kind and welcoming community which eliminates the social anxiety that I’m often plagued with. Conversations come easily as I no longer need to chase after some sort of topic because we already have two things in common: a love for minecraft and Harry Potter. I find myself more easily able to branch off into other topics, without feeling uncomfortable. Finding a community like this online is so difficult, so finding Potterworld to me was a real treasure. I feel comfortable to be myself, to talk about what I want, and to hang out with people who share those same interests. Meeting new people stops feeling like a chore, but something to look forward to. With the ease of talking, I find being my most authentic self is so much easier (even if I may not have a flying broom or a wand in real life). The community is so caring, and I appreciate that I am able to speak without the hesitation that I would usually have in real life. With Potterworld, I am gaining more confidence; Today I went to my first community engagement event and having the community in a voice chat together talking about our memories was really endearing and I felt comfortable enough to contribute my own memories repeatedly. I think the players who have been around in this server for all these years enjoy Potterworld because it provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for people who hold similar interests; where conversations don’t feel forced and everyone feels like a friend.

Here’s a short poem to describe my experiences:
In real life I don’t have a flying broom or magic wand
But I think I’ve created a real lifelong bond
With the Potterworld wizards and witches
Who have assisted in undoing the stitches
That made me stutter the words from my mouth
Who have helped me whenever life went south
I thank you so much for helping me grow
I love you more than you could ever know

Since Potterworlds debut in 2014, the server has constantly received tremendous support from its community which includes both players and staff members. From the extensive improvement of magic to the great expansions of builds, the server has been through a lot and it shows. I believe players have enjoyed PotterworldMC for all these years because of the community and bonds we have built, the various unique gameplay aspects and server involvement, and the server’s original origin and the passions the team has for maintaining it.
The community we have is absolutely amazing, we are all so open to each other and it seems easy for us to simply talk about the things we love together. You will almost always find people in the in-game chat, discord, or even our TeamSpeak server if you can remember that. From music, fandom, art or my personal favourite - pets, there is always a discussion for players to enjoy and be a part of! I can recall always waking up early every morning and joining a channel to talk to my friends on the server for hours and that really shows that I felt the aspect of belonging within the community.
The teams on this server and the development they have worked on very hard since day one to improve the quality and enjoyment of gameplay on the server. One of those starting aspects was academics and their classes, having live classes and actually learning as if you were in the wizarding world for yourself. Since then we have added on many more involvements including dueling, flying, roleplay, or even housing building! I am excited for the many more gameplay introductions to come and look forward to it!
We must roll back a little in time and remember the origin of the server, with Headmaster Droobledore creating the Hogsworth castle with his friends out of dust. It was simply a group of people who were passionate about their inner-nerd and decided to express it into what we know as Potterworld today. If you realize it, that same origin is still maintained as all of us are connected to one thing - the love of Harry Potter and Minecraft. That’s what makes the meaning of the server so strong, especially after seven years.
After a long journey myself on the server, I have made so many memories and I don’t regret them one bit. I display the picture of survival’s closing ceremony since it was one of my favourite aspects of Potterworld. We see both staff and players collide to appreciate survival for “One Last time” which is also the name of the quest I made for this year’s anniversary event. Potterworld means a lot to mean, I have come a long way from just being a player and now being staff myself and I will one day look back and cherish all the flashbacks that once were, and always will be - my childhood.

Thank you PotterworldMC, Happy 7th Anniversary!

Most Creative: finner4 and Clem_Zoldyck
The Steel of Friendship

Steel. Molten. A delicate pool of silver.

Viscous, the collage of light-reflected streaks
curving through the waves and hills of metal,
A landscape of dips, valleys and smooth cliffs.

And there is approach.
A word of greeting is exchanged
and with it sparks an electric connection.
A conversation follows, amiable and joyful.

And the steel thickens, its sheen hardening,
no longer molten but starting to solidify.
First honey. Now syrup. Now paste.
The delight of two people making the first of many memories.

Chatting, joking, helping, laughing.
It's just pixels and yet it's so much more.
Upholding the roots of a strong community.
A friendship almost tangible.

And soon the roots of that community blossom.
A connection of intertwining personalities blooms.
The harmonious bond of similarities and differences
that continues and continues...

And soon it is hard and rigid.
The metal locked immovably in place,
Its cold exterior an irony to the warmth it preserves
And it remains as such, through times good and bad, as a home and as a happiness.

Steel. Solid. An invulnerable connection.

Level 1
A path to start anew
To make more friends
Who are true
Welcome to, welcome to

A world without pain
A brand new escape
So hop on the train
And travel to your estate

A Raven with a sharp wit mind
A Serpent of the cunning nature
A Badger who will be so kind
A Griffin with the brave behaviour

So what fits you, which shall you take
Which color to behold with pride
There’s only one right choice to make
A Raven with a sharp wit mind

Level 11
This goal was not achieved alone
With the help of players and staff
You reached a major milestone
And now you can relax and laugh

Everyone’s so welcoming
They laugh, they chat, they let you in
This server keeps you smiling
The wondrous journey is to begin

Level 21
Finally it makes somewhat sense
The quests are breezing by
Over time made best friends
And dueling does seem pretty fun, it cannot hurt to try
One step into the dueling halls
And everything went dark
One easy shot and down you fall
That defeat might just leave a mark

Level 31
The Discord just became apparent
It opened an entire world
One of people who are transparent
The good in people all unfurled

So many things are now known
The site, the forums, and the store
The bright lights, yes they did glow
The light of positivity and more

Level 41
The quests are harder
Quests channel is now more in use
Maybe it’s time for a short break
The hours spent, time to reduce

Three weeks later, why ever leave
Escape the worries
And just believe
That Potterworld can soothe with ease

Level 51
The people know you
A nickname you had bought
Your dedication, it is true
A wondrous community you got

Flying is now a specialty
A challenge won last night
The tournament is coming up
The partner need be right

Level 61
Your skin upon the season winners
A sense of pride for Minecraft flying
Already a notable figure
You suddenly start crying

Level 71
The end is near, and you are scared
What comes next, what should you fear?
This server, where your heart is bared
This world of fun must not clear

Chatting, laughing, remembering
A Raven with a sharp wit mind
So much more than a Minecraft server
A world where everyone is kind

Level 80
The end is here, the goal is reached
You don’t know what comes next
This is all that you’ve hoped to achieve
A dilemma leaving you quite vexed

This community like no other
That you could not, will not leave
Oh what to do, what to do

Yet two weeks later you now knew
You put all of your dedication
Into that application
The end was near
But the beginning is now here

Best Interpretation of the Prompt: thatgirlskyyy and tqrpiar
“Why do you think players have enjoyed this server for all these years?”

Such a simple question- with no simple answer.

Let’s go back to the beginning. One day, a man named Jay, going by the alias of Droobledore online, came up with a magical idea: recreating the wizarding world of Harry Potter in Minecraft with the help of a friend. As time went on, his friend lost interest in the project. However, Drooble did not. He pressed onwards, never giving up. As time progressed, Drooble and some new friends introduced magic to Minecraft through the power of plugins and code. It was a feat no one had achieved thus far.

So yeah, Potterworld is an absolutely insane server and immerses players in a world of pure fantasy and fun.

But why have people been so fond of this server from the start?

Maybe it’s how players are in constant awe, unable to look away from the breathtaking builds. Perhaps it is the interactive classes that are taught by actual people, who are ready to answer any questions their students have. Is it because they can make potions to help them in battle? What about going on exciting and challenging quests? Could it be the engaging events and exclusive rewards? It could possibly be the minigames unique to Potterworld. Or is it because they can cast spells, duel other players, and soar across the sky on a broom?

These are all great answers and probably what the majority of players would say.

My answer, however, is different- Although these things make Potterworld amazing, I believe that the people of Potterworld are the MAIN REASON the server has been so enjoyable since its launch.

The moment you join the server, you are greeted by staff who welcome you with open arms. Once you get sorted, fellow players congratulate you. When you level up a year, people rush to say what a big accomplishment that is. In global chat, people strike up conversations without fear. One second, players could be discussing common interests. Next, they could be cracking jokes. People are constantly showing others around, helping others with quests, and just being there for one another. From there, countless friendships are formed.

When I first joined Potterworld, I had no one except my best friend (we joined together). Then, we came across Quabbleball and had to try it out right away. In that game, I met one of my closest friends to this day. As time went on, I made countless more friends by doing quests, attending events, playing minigames, and more. I have even been a part of two families and have been to countless weddings!

It has gotten to the point that Potterworld and my real life are intertwined- and I am so grateful for that.

So yeah, I’d say that the player base is the main reason Potterworld continues to thrive. Friends helped Drooble make the server, and now the server helps people make friends.

Happy 7th Anniversary, everyone!!!

A place to go home. Nostalgic warmth striking deep within even when you feel miles away from the books and the movies. Laughter bouncing off the walls, ties tinted in four colors tying each and every person to where they belong.

The red ties are brave. The loud-mouths of the school, yet the ones going through thick and thin and staying last behind to ensure safety to the others. Often troublemakers, whether intended or not. Detention was often dressed in red, yet somehow the Grand hall was too at the end of the year. Intelligent, but not quite like the blue ties.

Blue ties are reticent from time to time. Nose deep into books, trying to expand their knowledge to the highest of their abilities. The library would be filled with them until late at night, where professors would come and hand out drinks to a couple that looked in need. If anything went wrong, they were the ones to go to. Never once hesitating to help whenever they could, though they often felt a bit inferior to the red ties.

Yellows ties are everywhere at any given moment. Chatty, yet not loud. An arm always hanging around another person. Eternally the first person there to help, even when they cannot do so. Professor favourites without trying, they knew when to do what and when to stop talking. Though sneaky, especially with the green ties.

The green ties are foxy in their own way. Alike to the others they will go to extents for their friends, though only the ones deep to their heart. Rather smart but only when they please to be. Set in their path of life and strong to stay to their wills.

Whenever these names echo and bounce around the walls of the Great halls, followed by cheers and claps of numerous people. It’s a journey that starts for many, some that come to a close the same year too. The old castle halls that have been around for years on end, from an estranged place to home.

Congratulations to all of you! All 6 of you can wear your brand new Droobledoll Hat by doing /hats in-game, and your Potter Points have been given to you as well!



Notable Magician
Minecraft IGN: Clem_Zoldyck
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Griffin Phoenix Werewolf Lore Keeper Inquisitor
Woo congrats everyone!!!


Minecraft IGN: Psycho
Phoenix Raven Werewolf
Wow! Incredibly creative work you guys! I can definitely relate to a few things that you guys experienced in each submission especially after spending years in this community. Hopefully other players will see your work and realize how cool Potterworld is as server and a community.