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8th Anniversary Competitions Winners

The judging periods for the 8th Anniversary Skin and Writing Competitions have been concluded. There were so many wonderful submissions, it was hard to choose only 4 to be our winners! Thank you to everyone who entered the competition and showed off their skills!

Now, onto the winners!

Skin Competition:
Best Dressed: Lukeius
Most Creative: Bloopish
Skin Comp 4.png

Writing Competition:
Most Creative: tqrpiar
Potterworld’s past, present and future. A little seedling that once was put in the ground by a kind man. One who took on gardening as a side hobby, but never really thought his little seedling would grow this tall.

It was looked at with concern and mystery. What would this silly little seed bring to this world? It took a lot of learning how to tend to greenery, but it did not go to waste. Others supported the little seedling, cheered it on and watched it sprout its first leaves above ground.

The little leaf brought us many lessons as it has fallen and grown time again, and again. It wasn’t easy, but it shaped us into who we are today.

Our present brings us the unknown, the excitement, the ‘what comes next?’. Many impatient faces who are longing to see more, to be here longer, to watch the leaf grow. So it did. The shy leaf grew into a flower, colours dancing wild and free.

It had grown, it had learnt and it was curious. What about the future? What comes next? Now, a flower cannot grow faster than it lets itself. It needs water, sun, and most importantly, love.

I was deemed lucky to play a major part in this flower’s life. One of the gardeners that stayed just a little longer. Man, I loved this little flower. The beauty, creativity and love it had surrounding it.

People who showed up every day just to say hello and people who stayed to hang out for a couple of hours. Others who stopped by occasionally just to see what’s going on and maybe catch a bit of the flower’s love.

Every day I had the luck of looking at this little flower that once grew from nothing. In all honesty, the future is the unknown, it’s a mystery. I was not one to know what it would bring, but I was allowed to dream.

So I did. In my eyes, this flower will grow. Its roots will grow deep and strong, as it never forgets where it once came from. My dreams as a gardener was to stay here to take care as long as it would let me and to watch it grow.

To watch the people who love it grow wider and wider, and to have them care for it just as much as I do. To watch people love, not just the flower, but each other and themselves. What I hope our future will bring is one another.

More people to love and to grow with. More people who stop by and crack a smile every day, even when days are bad. More people to love and more people to call home. That is all I wish for this flower to achieve.

Most Heartfelt: MysticalBlizzard
Potterworld has been a part of my life for longer than I can remember. It was a place that I could always go to, a place that I can always escape. Real life can be tough at times and people can be cruel, but Potterworld doesn't have any of that. For the last 6 years I spent here, I didn't come across any trouble that couldn't be solved. I really believe we should take time to appreciate all the staff members that worked hard throughout the years. I hope all of your hard work gets paid off one day because what you do makes people feel good after a long tiring day, this is very important. I feel like we finally got together as a family. There is no place for hate or harm. This is the reason I stay on Potterworld. I always believed in our community and I always will. Everything really does look possible here, it is a dreamlike place. There were tough times for me, I remember days when I thought going to sleep would solve things, when I wake up again things would maybe be better. But it wouldn't. Potterworld really helped me hold on a little longer. It distracted me, pulled me out of reality and gave me a place more comfortable to be in. I am forever thankful for that. I got the chance to meet all of you, you don't know how much that means to me. Everyone is so so nice and they would just run to you for help whenever you feel down. I would do the same. So what I want from Potterworld's future is that the community stays together. I want it to go on like this and never change.

We did it everyone, we are together. We are strong. You are with us and I am with you. This is all that matters. I am aware that one day, my time on Potterworld will eventually come to an end, but until then, why not have some fun?

Congratulations to all of you! All 4 can make a ticket in-game to claim your prize of one store item under $10 USD of your choice. The 400 Potter Points you won have been given to you as well. Enjoy!



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Woo! Congrats to all winners! <3