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A Total Eclipse: Vampire vs Werewolf War Event


Vampire vs Werewolf War Event
With the recent break-in at the Ministry and thievery of the one-of-a-kind cure ingredient, the Werewolves have had it and declared war on the Vampires. Explore the brand new Vampire Manor and Werewolf cave and discover the many hidden secrets they hide. Join us on the 31st of October at 12 pm PST and witness the victory of whichever side wins!

How to Play
To participate in the event, head over to the Great Hall and approach the teachers dining table. Click on the Roleplay Hub NPC and travel to the Hub. There you will see two NPCs stationed on the black platform. To access either base, click on the respective leader's NPC and click the button to warp. When you are warped, speak to the two Roleplay Leader NPCs to begin. Note: you do not have to dedicate to one side, you are free to play both sides!

- Venture into the depths of the lively Werewolf Cave and down the hallways of the mysterious Vampire Manor; these two brand new bases will be available to be discovered from now until 30th October. Don't worry - after the event ends, the bases will remain in the Roleplay Hub without gameplay.

- As you speak to the Roleplay Leader NPCs, you will be able to access a Maze and Parkour. Completing these challenges will earn your side Battle Points. Whichever side has the most Battle Points at the end of the Event will win and have their victory be showcased in a live event on the 31st October, 12 pm PST. However, we have added a twist to these minigames! On the 25th October, both Parkour point rewards will be doubled and on the 27th October, both Maze point rewards will be doubled. Earning a global total of 1000 and 2500 will reward everyone a special lore collectable.

- Around the bases, you may find NPCs and purple sparkly blocks which you may click on. Find all the NPCs and Interactions and you shall be rewarded with a unique scarf reward! You may also discover a number of hidden activities and secret rooms. Good luck and have fun!



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I'm very excited :D
Good luck to both sides!


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Werewolves FTW!

I wish you picked one side and only ppl on winning side got item it makes more sense but HAYT HO