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Academics Weekly Assignment — January 15th, 2023

Welcome to the Academics weekly assignment for the week of January 15th, 2023! These weekly assignments will give our Professors the ability to showcase some of their lesson ideas here on the website. Each assignment will be posted for a week, in which everyone will be able to read about the topic and respond to the assignment prompt. This week's assignment is "Magical Cuisine - Tutti Saucers" created by Logan (sunvens).

The assignment is as follows:
When you hear the words “Tutti Saucers,” you may envision a sweet, fruity treat. While these candies are fruit flavoured, they aren’t known for their sweetness. They’re instead incredibly sour candies, covered in a sour coating of sugar with sour filling. Although these treats have a magical twist, they’re enjoyed by both magical and Unmagical people.

These sour candies are often infused with different types of healing magic. This is because the creator of the sweets, Felicity Sherman, was a healer. She loved sour candies and wanted to create a magical variation that aligned with her profession. The original Tutti Saucer flavour was Green Apple. These original candies had the magical ability to cure sadness with happiness.

Although the sweets sold well for a while, sales eventually began to dwindle. Customers got bored of the sour apple flavour, but Felicity had no intentions of creating new ones. When the candies barely sold anymore, Felicity decided to look into a new taste. She created five new flavours, each with a new magical effect. There were now Lemon, Rhubarb, Grapefruit, Gooseberry, and Lime Tutti Saucers. The lemon-flavoured candies gave the consumer a faster metabolism. The grapefruit-flavoured candies had the ability to help ailments such as heart disease. The other flavours had magical effects as well, but were not as popular and remain unconfirmed. Towards the end of her life, Felicity handed her business over to the Ministry of Magicians. They promised to keep her candies alive for future generations to enjoy.

Imagine you worked with Felicity to create new Tutti Saucer flavours. When creating Rhubarb, Gooseberry, or Lime, you added in the magical twist. What was it? How did it relate to healing magic? Do you think it should have been more popular? Why or why not?

Please make sure to write at least 5 full sentences to get AC for this assignment! Your assignment must be entirely written by you and may not be plagiarized (including copying anything from online sources, books, or movie plots) in any way. Assignments must follow all PotterworldMC rules, which can be found here; assignments that do not follow all PotterworldMC rules will be subject to punishment. If your assignment does not meet the requirements, you will be unable to redo your assignment for this week. Assignments are due at 12am PST on Sunday, January 22nd, 2023. You may submit as soon as you would like, but any assignments submitted after that time will not receive grades. You may receive up to 20 ACs for your submission. House points will not be awarded to any submissions. If you have any questions, please reach out to a Jr. Professor, Sr. Professor, Academics Advisor, Academics Lead, or Head of Academics on Discord.

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