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Allegiance & Club Sale

Allegiance & Club Sale.png

Hello witches and wizards!

In anticipation of the upcoming attack on the Phoenixes, we're excited to announce a sale on all allegiance & club themed items! Until February 13th, all these items will be up to 30% off their regular price. Here is a list of all items on sale:

Black Hood
Magical Eye
Phoenix Mask
DF Cowl
Silver, Gold, Black, & Pointed DF Masks

Phoenix Pet

All Packages, Prefixes,
& Wand Enhancements

Wand Appearances:
Werewolf's Wand
Dark Lord's Wand
Chosen One's Wand
Prince's Wand
Serpent Wand
Serpent Cane
Ash Skull Wand
Spiral Skull Wand
Prestige Wand
Dark Mistress' Wand
Mad Staff

Death Effects:
Aurorlock Death Effects
Phoenix Death Effects
Dark Follower Death Effects

Housing Sceneries:
Phoenix Hatchery Scenery
Phoenix Scenery
Aurorlock Scenery
Dark Follower Scenery

DF Wands & Masks Bundles

Note: This sale does not apply to our Potter Points store in-game!