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Arena 2021 Season 4 Releases

Greetings witches and wizards!

As Season 3 comes to a close, it's time for our Arena Season 4 Release! The theme for this release is Magical Schools, and we have 3 new maps, with a 4th map to be revealed later throughout the season!

  • NEW - Arena Club: A new set of arenas for 1v1 Dueling Challenges, the Arena Club takes you right back to the old days of dueling in the castle of Hogsworth!
  • NEW - Mahounoshiro Flying Course: Travel back to the Winter Waltz event of 2020 and experience the beautiful sights of Mahounoshiro. Can you beat the school known for its Quabbleball championships at flying?
  • NEW - Dormunstrad Flying Course: Dormunstrad is known for its unyielding, harsh weather. Located in the midst of Scandinavia, only the most determined fliers have been brave enough to try this school's flying course. Are you courageous enough to give it a go?
We hope to see you at our Challenges & Tournaments throughout Season 4 and beyond!