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Arena Releases: Plasma Showdown

Greetings witches and wizards!

We are so excited to announce our first official Arena Challenge Release! Plasma Showdown is a Seasonal Challenge for the month of May. This challenge involves players competing in an ultimate showdown using Plasma Blades and magical spells!

The Plasma Blades include various spells:

Energy Pull: Pull enemies in a small cone in front of you towards you.
Swift Rush: Charge up and dash through the air, dealing damage to anything in your way.
Furious Throw: Hurl your plasma blade into the air, damaging all enemies it touches.
Choking Grasp: Unleash your energy onto your target by lifting them up.
Passive - Energy Dash: Allows you to dash toward your movements to escape danger.
ULTIMATE - Retribution Slam: Make an explosive landing after you're launched into the air, blasting targets away!

The plasma blade can also protect you from enemies through blocking. You might be able to deflect a few spells back at your opponents while you are at it!

We also have 4 Arenas to experience Plasma Showdown in!

NEW - Mes Endra Arena
NEW - Mes Esliey Arena
NEW - Doom Moon Arena

NEW - Domination Base Arena

More information about Plasma Showdown will be posted in the Arena Discord shortly!
We hope to see you at our Plasma Showdown challenges throughout May!


Design & Tech:
TeknoPsycho & Salmandingo

Graphics & Renders - Prin_ce, Teheeo, KiraTheHouseElf
Spells - Zmiy & Expiroces