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Arena Shop & Seasons Update


As many of you may know, our season is coming to an end very soon! In the spirit of this, we have decided to release a "Champion's Exclusive" Shop. This post will go over these additions and season reminders.

Champion's Exclusive Shop
This shop can be accessed through the Arena Shop NPC at the Dueling Halls. The shop currently includes 5 items that are all free of cost! The catch here is to claim each item you need to have a specific amount of Overall Arena Score. Below will show all the new items that can be claimed from this shop.

- Trophy Beaded Handbag: 15 Arena Score
- Champion's Scarf (Enchanted & Gold): 25 Arena Score
- Interwizard Housing Scenery: 35 Arena Score
- Arena Crown Death Effect: 55 Arena Score
- The Champion's Staff: 65 Arena Score

We will be adding more to this shop over the upcoming months, so keep your eyes peeled, and continue attending Challenges! Please remember that All Arena Score Stats will be reset this coming weekend on May 2nd at 12pm PST. Make sure to claim your items before your stats reset!

Season Championships
Our very first Season Championship will come to an end on May 2nd at 12pm PST. The winners will be decided based off the stats before that time! After 12pm PST, all Arena Score stats will be set back to zero, so we can restart for the next season (these stats do not include Challenge wins/attendance).

For our upcoming Season Winners, it is possible that we may contact you regarding rewards. If you're one of the category winners at the end of this season, please make sure to respond to any messages from an Arena Team member who may be asking you about your rewards!

We hope you guys have enjoyed this past Season, It has been lots of fun for us!