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Arithmancer Applications - Changes and a New Role

Hello everyone!

Some changes have arrived to the Arithmancer applications, including a new role!

What has happened to the old Arithmancer application?
In the past, 2D and 3D Arithmancer used to be in the same application. This made us unable to properly close 3D Arithmancer while 2D was still open. This was also at times confusing for applicants.
We have now split the Arithmancer application into two separate apps, one for 2D and 3D. With this split, we are now able to control the apps better and we have been able to add examples to each application. These examples make it clear what style and type of work we are looking for.

What is a Skin Arithmancer?
A Skin Arithmancer is a staff position that makes skins for the server. These skins are used for events, Potterwatch videos, renders, and much more! This role existed in the past few months already as a staff only application, but has now been made public.
We know that there are many talented skin creators within the community, and we would love to have some of you join the team. So if you enjoy creating skins and you want to contribute to the server, this position might be for you.
The application will remain open until we have been able to fill all positions.

So which Arithmancer applications are currently open?
At this point in time, both 2D and Skin Arithmancer applications are open.
We are looking forward to seeing new people join the Media team!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message the Head of Media on the website or through Discord.



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Woooo! You all should definitely apply for 2D and Skin Arithmancer! :D


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Interesting! You all should definitely apply~


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Best of luck to all of those applying! Looking forward to seeing all of your creations!