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Attack of the Auralock Manor - Recap 7

Attack of the Auralock Manor - Recap 7
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Event: April 11th, 2020​

Only two weeks after Joel Crestello’s appointment to Dark Lord, his inner circle members Noah Pendragon and Sara Crestello made their first move under their new leader. The inner-circle members attacked the Auralock Manor in Hogsend, with plentiful Dark Followers gathered around the manor. Whilst Pendragon and Crestello were inside looking for hidden documents, they discovered proof of treachery within the Ministry of Magicians.

While the two Dark Followers were just about to finish their search, they were surrounded by Auralocks who had just arrived at the manor to intervene. Spells were shot from each direction as the inner circle members tried to fight their way out of the manor. The building went into flames and nearly got destroyed. Noah Pendragon got caught, while Sara Crestello managed to get out. As Noah Pendragon got captured and imprisoned by the Auralocks, Sara Crestello led their Dark Followers back to their base and started to work on a plan to free Noah.

People could visit the destroyed area and they could investigate for themselves and search through the remains of the building for clues. There were five clues that could be found around the manor.
The shreds were:
"...that pesky little pigeon would only worsen the situation but you didn't listen, look..."
"...they have a Dark Lord now and worst of all - our Auralocks are starting to question their..."
"...see them incriminated myself. You better make sure they are following orders without..."
"...control of this society. If you encounter any troublesome Auralocks, throw them into the..."
"...in our way will perish. Proceed to Operation Eighty-Three B at once, unless you want your head hanging from..."