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Attack on the Ministry - Recap 13

Nathan Nakamori

Notable Magician
Attack on the Ministry - Recap 13
Written by Nathan Nakamori (Roleplay Team)
Date of Live Event: June 20th, 2020
On June 20th, 2020, the attack on the Ministry began with the confrontation between Shakti and her guards and the Dark Follower inner-circle members, Noah Pendragon, Sara Selwyn, and Joel Crestello, as well as the Phoenix inner-circle members, Kade Everard, Andreu Zoldyck, and Joshua Pendragon. Shakti continued to insult the two allegiances; calling them vigilantes and delusional if they thought they could take down the Ministry. Shakti ordered her guards to attack them, and Sara spoke about how the two groups were too exposed in the open like they were. Joel highlighted that Shakti was trapped and surrounded, but Shakti Bhardwaj quickly disappeared herself using magic. The respective leaders spoke about how they were to find Shakti, but it was the student’s job now to complete the necessary tasks to find her and any useful information. The Lord of the Phoenixes proclaimed that they were not here to lose, while the Dark Lord told his Dark Followers that they were there for revenge and that was exactly what they were going to get. The Phoenixes were to collect as much information as possible and the Dark Followers were tasked to create bombs and blow up the Auralock base. Finally, the Auralocks were tasked to make warpkey bags and escape the base.

The groups went off to start their tasks, with the goal of completing as many of their respective tasks as possible. The allegiance with the most tasks completed would win, although everyone was to get a prize at the end for their hard work, all allegiances worked hard for the bragging rights. The allegiances had 15 minutes to do their tasks as many times as possible.

Each group had to collect three items from three different tasks: parkour, entering a hidden code into a vault, and some knowledge-testing questions. During the whole event, the Phoenixes and Auralocks were neck and neck but ended with the Phoenixes taking the lead by over 400 points. Once everything was over, the different groups were teleported to collect a reward depending on the allegiance, although anyone could pick a different allegiance’s prize if they had wanted to. The Phoenixes got a box of Phoenix brownies, the Auralocks got cheesecake, and the Dark Followers got cookies.

All allegiances were brought back together for a final fight between the Phoenixes and Dark Followers against Shakti Bhardwaj. Lord of the Phoenixes, Joshua Pendragon, and the Dark Lord, Joel Crestello, spoke about what they would like to do with Shakti as she was now surrounded by the leads of their respective allegiances. Joshua wanted to arrest Shakti, and have her tried in court for her crimes. However, Joel did not agree with this, he thought that she was better off dead, and she deserved to pay for her crimes. That it was more than revenge, and it was now about justice, and Noah and Sara both agreed with Joel and encouraged him to end her life, as they believed it was now or never. Joshua tried to reason with Joel saying if he killed her then the alliance between the two would be over. Joel was willing to end the alliance for he described it to be a better future. Angered by the argument in front of her, Shakti called them maniacs, pointing out how they were talking about how they plan to deal with her, right in front of her. She called the Auralocks half-witted robots who only follow orders, and how they will do anything they are told and will not hesitate to attack again. Joel called her pathetic and ignored Joshua’s attempts to stop him, and continued to walk up to Shakti and cast Mortiavra on her, ending her life. Joshua, angered by the choices that had just taken place, called Joel’s actions foolish, saying that they could have found another way to solve this. Joel told him that there was no time for this and that they must leave before more Auralocks arrived. The two allegiances said farewell and left with the newfound alliance broken.