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August 2020 Store Releases

August Store Releases.png

Greetings witches and wizards!

As it is the start of a new month, we have released some new items that you can purchase on our store here!

This month's new store releases include:
  • Thestry Mount Broom Appearance
  • Sneeler Pet (it changes colors!)
  • Dark Wizard Staff
We hope you'll enjoy these new items!
Aug items.png



Minecraft IGN: TbhKate_
Aurorlock Staff Grounds Keeper Griffin Phoenix Prefect S.P.E.W Scribe Intern
These are awesome! :D

Justin ♕

Minecraft IGN: JustinnTM
Aurorlock Dark Follower Phoenix Raven S.P.E.W
I’ve hold that dark wizard wand once before, it dropped randomly in a quabble game. Now it is possible as a real wand appearance makes it so cool!