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Celebrating May the Fourth

We're very excited to announce the return of our annual May the Fourth celebration! Head down to the Falcon near the Hogsworth Boat House and speak with Jayoda to trade Star Tokens for rewards! You can earn Star Tokens by participating in our seasonal minigames found in /games. These games are Star Battle: Domination & Star Racing!

This year, Star Battle: Domination will replace our regular Star Battle gamemode with a brand new map. The goal of this gamemode is to capture three points around the map, earning points for your team when holding the points over time. Ready your blaster and join the battle!

The event will remain live until May 25th.

Minigame Development - DenizTM
Minigame Map - Blizz, Aquatia, Robotwizz, PotatoEmma, Zis_Craft, Surisan, ForbiddenPlaces, _laurenn, Floralish, Snowys, Domieno, Spaghelle, Sunnya

Have fun everyone, and may the force be with you!
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Super pumped to experience this event, it's always been one of my favorites! Thanks for the release! :)