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Chamber of Mysteries - Side Quest

Hi there!
I have been stuck on this side quest and am dying to complete it. I cannot find the second piece of torn parchment anywhere! I have searched the ground, the tunnels, and even made myself do the restricted section parkour just in case. I am in need of help.
I just need a hint!


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Heya @littlestmuffins!

Here's a map of the Chamber of Mysteries. It may seem a bit confusing to look at first, but once you get oriented it'll make more sense! To help out a bit, the entrance from the bathroom is in the bottom left circle on the bottom floor (location of the first piece of parchment).

If you need any help understanding the map, or further completing the quest, please feel free to respond here. I hope this helps get you started though!


chamber of mysteries map.jpg

first parchment.jpg second parchment.jpg third parchment.jpg


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hi, I'm looking for the entrance to the chamber of mysteries! I have found the 3 pieces of parchment, but now I'm confused