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Content Creator Release


Greetings everyone!
The Media department is pleased to announced that we have reworked the old Youtuber rank and are re-opening applications.

What has changed?
The Youtuber rank is now called the Content Creator rank. This means that people such as Twitch streamers can also now apply. Furthermore, we have lowered the requirements to make the rank more accessible. We have lowered the subscriber/follower minimum to 4000. However, we have also made it so that the requirements can change over time. Sometimes that means the minimum will go down, and sometimes it will go up.

For who is this role?
The role is for popular content creators interested in creating content from time to time on our server. The role offers some permissions to create content more easily, such as the ability to disable private messages.

How is this different from Director?

A Director works directly for the server. A Content Creator does not work for the server and is not part of any Potterworld team.

I am a Content Creator, where can I apply or find more information?
All requirements can be found in the application. You can apply right here. The applications can also be found under non-staff applications.