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Curse/Jinx Build with substitutes for pure curse and pure jinx


Minecraft IGN: Volt4
Griffin Phoenix
Curse/Jinx Pieces
  • Gauntlet of the Deadly Kiss
  • Ring of Malefic Intent
  • Soul-seeing Spectacles (or possibly Wraith Veil)
  • Cloak of Fantasia
  • Necromancer Belt
  • Boots of Infinite Fortune
Substitutes for Pure Curse
  • Soul-seeing Spectacles (If originally using Wraith Veil)
  • Chestplate of Heros
  • Hermes' Treads
Substitutes for Pure Jinx
  • Hood of the Assassin
  • Cryptic Legguards
  • Heels of the Cold-Hearted
Any suggestions lmk.
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