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Daily Login Streaks Reverted

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Hey everyone! It’s been nearly a week since the release of the daily streaks login, and here’s what we’ve learned from it, what we’re doing about it, and what to expect.

Reverting the update
After careful consideration, we’ve come to the decision to revert the streaks update, whilst we take the time needed to fix the bugs that has been occurring with it. We know that reverting updates is not fun, and trust me, it is even less fun for us, but with the amount of bugs the daily streaks is having, it’s something we have to do at this point in time to ensure a good gameplay experience for everyone.

Why we’re making this decision
We want to be transparent with all of you and explain why we’re making this decision:
  1. We miscalculated the bonus experience rewards by a long shot. In some cases, players were rewarded over 20 million experience.
  2. A lot of player’s streaks were resetting at random times, when they were not supposed to reset.
  3. The daily login streaks itself weren’t optimal. Some of you might have noticed, but the bonus rewards were delayed by 1 second. If someone logged out before this 1 second arrived, they would not get the reward which is bad player experience and unwanted.
  4. We didn’t test this release carefully and thoroughly enough.

So, what now?
We’ll be reverting the daily login reward to the old one. For the next 7 days, every time you claim the reward, you’ll be rewarded 25 gold as an accommodation for this release. This will only last for the next 7 days, so be sure to get on to get the bonus!

We don’t know when the daily login streaks will be back, but we promise it’ll be back much better than before, as we will be improving the functionality as well as fixing the bugs.

We give our deepest apologies, and thank you for your continuous support.



New Magician
Minecraft IGN: iQuackLikeADuck
I'm sorry to see the daily login streaks go, but I'm glad you're taking the needed time to perfect the system to make it a great experience for us! <3


Notable Magician
Minecraft IGN: Psycho
Phoenix Raven Werewolf
That's fine, thanks for being transparent and trying to fix it too! Did those players keep that 20 million XP though? :p


Minecraft IGN: Evux
Honeybadger Aurorlock Staff Jr. Prefect
Mistakes happen testing is important, I appreciate the work you guys are doing and realising the mistakes made and fixing them so quickly after release, giving yourself a 7 day bug fix period is also very short, so I appreciate the time you will all spend doing this.


Minecraft IGN: YeetChris
Honeybadger Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Werewolf Class Helper S.P.E.W
RIP. These things happen and that's how we learn what works or not! Thanks for all the hard work team!


Minecraft IGN: LindsYUH
Aurorlock Dark Follower Phoenix Serpent VIP S.P.E.W
This is probably the wrong place to ask this, but is there an estimate on when the map update will occure?
Hi there! There’s currently no ETA we have on that yet. For the future if you have any questions there’s a place in the forums at Help and Support > Community Help for any questions.