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December 2019 House Cup

We’d like to congratulate Honeybadger for being the winners of the final quarter of 2019!

Here is the final tally of house points:
:honeybadger:Honeybadger 22,201 points
:serpent:Serpent 11,981 points
:griffin:Griffin 11,479 points
:raven:Raven 10,349 points

Celebrations will begin in the Great Hall courtyard on December 30th. The next House Cup will be rewarded on March 28th!



Minecraft IGN: YeetChris
Honeybadger Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Werewolf Class Helper S.P.E.W
Legit the coolest, Congrats badgers! We did awesomely! Good luck with everyone next quarter. :honeybadger::cool: