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Department of Leisures and Games Update!


Heya everyone!

In September the build team's main focus had been working on minigame maps, and we're excited to kickstart our contect cycle for minigames this October!
However, with this we will also introduce the Department of Leisures and Games revamp.

The Revamp
Besides the actual department being revamped build wise, we have also changed the way how some of our NPCs work in the Games Department!
Essentially, Droppers, Mazes & Parkours have had their menu split into difficulties. Ranging from easy to hard!
Heads up! You may see some 'duplicate' options in the menu, but it is really a map with a same theme but a varying difficulty - in this case you'll notice it's our old maps we revamped a while ago.
To add onto this, we've also introduced a 'Seasonal [minigame]' option to each menu - what this means is whenever an event comes around, we can re-introduce maps that may have been used in the past but cannot be used anymore for whatever reason, e.g it does not fit the theme of the current event.

Anyway, onto the maps!
Minigame Maps
With this content cycle our main focus is Ministry Maps, maps for /games will come at a later date this month. So keep an eye out!

Parkours: Soulshard Cave Parkour, Beauxbois Parkour, Dormunstrad Parkour, Grawp's Parkour & some of our old pre-revamped parkours!
Mazes: Chamber of Mysteries Maze & Whacky Wizarding Wonders Maze.
Droppers: Library Dropper & Spider Cave Dropper.

Check them out in-game, and of course have fun!