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Director Intern Applications

Hello everyone!

The Media department is pleased to announce that we are reopening the Director Intern application after the role has been reworked. We are very excited to welcome new members to the team!

What has changed?
We have made the Director Intern more like an intern. As a Director Intern, you will be creating videos for the Potterwatch channel under the supervision of a Sr. Director or a Media Lead. As a Director Intern, you will be learning skills to help you improve video creation and editing, and you will learn the standards we have for Potterwatch. The major difference between the old Director Intern and the new Director Intern is that now we do not expect people to already have great video creation skills. We welcome people who know the basics but who are also still learning.

Applications will be open indefinitely. Take your time with filling in the application and creating a test video. There's no rush to apply! If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Head of Media or another member of Head Staff.

Click here to find the application, and good luck!



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Being a Director is really fun and I recommend it to everyone. You'd be a part of a great team as well. <3
Good luck to all those who apply!