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Discord Booster Update

Greetings, witches and wizards!

After a lot of thought and hard work, the Store team is pleased to announce the Discord Booster Update! This update adds new perks for all of our Discord boosters as a thank you for the support that enables us to make the Potterworld Discord better. This includes some in-game cosmetics as well!

How does this work?

When you boost our main Potterworld Discord, you will receive all of the perks on Discord automatically. The in-game perks will require some quick manual work on our end. If you have not received your in-game perks after 12 hours, we encourage you to make a support ticket in-game with the command /t create. Please note that your Minecraft account and Discord account will also need to be linked for the in-game perks.

If your boost expires, you will still keep the in-game perks but lose the Discord perks. If you are not in our Discord yet, you can join it here or do /discord in-game. For more information about server boosting in general, you can read Discord's official guide.

What are the perks?
  • Pet Wizard Wumpus: This magical-themed Wumpus, inspired by Discord's mascot, will accompany you on all of your adventures!
  • Discord Booster Emotes: An emote pack that will bring all the joy of Discord to Minecraft! This pack includes the following emotes:
    • Film Night
    • Chat on Discord
    • Ask to Voice Call
    • Wave with Wumpus
  • Hoisted Role: You will now be displayed separately in the Discord member list along with other boosters!
  • Role Icon: As a Discord booster, you will have a cute wizard Wumpus attached to your name in the Potterworld Discord!
  • Role Colour: The old light green role colour is gone! Now it is Discord's blurple colour instead!
  • Text Channel: Chat with your fellow boosters in this new exclusive Discord channel!
We hope you are as excited as we are for this update, and thank you for the continuous support of Potterworld!