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Discord Improvements

Greetings everyone! We’ve made some exciting improvements to our wonderful Discord server!

Introducing Notification Roles
Have you ever wanted to get pinged when something you love is sent in a channel? Well, you now can! We’ve added 7 new roles that you can get. These roles are: Announcements, Classes, Community Events, Gameplay, Media, Tournaments and Roleplay! We might add more in the future if we realize that we need more.

This means that anytime we make announcements for e.g. Tournaments, we will mention the @Tournaments role, so you get pinged if you have the role.

Role Sorters
With these notification roles, some the roles viewing section can get quite ugly and messy. This is why we’ve added role sorters! This is one hundred percent automatic, and they simply do this:

Merging Some Channels
We wanted a place where we could post frequent announcements about our Community Events that the Inquisitorial Squad are hosting. Instead of adding a completely new one, we decided to merge some!

#tournament-updates and #roleplay-updates have now been merged into a #community-updates channel. It might become a bit cluttered with the different types of announcements, but that’s why we have notification roles! Give yourself a role, and you’ll only get pinged for the announcements *you* want.

That’s it for now! We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our Discord server, so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to make a post in the feedback section. Thank you all, and we hope you enjoy this update!



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omg thank you so much!!! its always annoying to figure out what was posted in the discord, since I have so much notifications on! Sometimes I miss a class notification because I get them mixed up often with general chat notifications! thank you for these changes, it will sure be a lot easier now for me to keep up with everything happening in the potterworld community!!! thank you so much for always thinking of our quality of life <3


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This is awesome! :)