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Engineer Applications: Open

Hey everyone!

For the first time ever, we’re super excited to be announcing that we’re opening Engineer applications!

Engineers are responsible for making the spells, as well as the mobs, that you see on the server.

Spells are created using NathanWolf’s Magic plugin.
Mobs are created using Mythic Mobs by Xikage.

Both of these plugins use configs to create what we all get to experience on the server. They are super easy to learn if you’re interested- and as you’ve seen on the server, they are an essential part of what makes Potterworld what it is today. They are not coding positions. There are tons of examples of spells and mobs that can be found online. If you want to get started, I encourage you to check those out!

As an Engineer, you’ll help create new spells and mobs for quests, dungeons, events, classes, minigames, and much more. You’ll also be working closely with Potterworld’s leadership to direct the future of mobs and spells.

If this is something that interests you, please check out the application! If you know someone who might be interested, feel free to let them know about this opportunity!

Applications can be found here and in the navigation bar.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me or Alexis Carstairs a message on Discord. Thank you all! We hope to see some new faces join the Potterworld development team!



Minecraft IGN: Thrashaba
Aurorlock Dark Follower Staff Grounds Keeper Phoenix Raven Vampire Werewolf S.P.E.W Seer
Good luck for anyone that applies! Hope to see some cool new prefixes on the server!


Minecraft IGN: scout_tiger
Oeh nice! Never worked with those, but will definately check it out
If anyone reads this. I'm working on getting to know the Magic plugin. If you are trying the same thing: contact me on scout_tiger#8825 on discord. Maybe we can help each other out and get better at the plugin quicker.

to get a headstart:
- use https://sandbox.elmakers.com/ for editing (in the beginning) because that webpage shows all options while typing
- make your own spigot server instead of using their sandbox because their sandbox server is broken
- you can download the plugin for spigot for 1.17.1 on their spigot page. 1.12 is of course possible as well
- If you want to see the settings for the default spells: check /plugins/Magic/defaults/spells.defaults.yml
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