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Fairytale Store Releases

Hello, witches and wizards!

Spring has finally sprung! With such an exciting change in season, the Store team is happy to announce the Fairytale store releases!
The new items featured in this release follows as:
  • NEW Fairy Wand: A nostalgic feeling wand with a fun new life brought to it! You can relive your childhood dreams while exploring the forest!
  • NEW Royal Sceptre: Fairies aren't your thing? Feel a sense of royalty with the Royal Sceptre! You can walk the halls of Hogsworth with confidence and grace.
  • NEW Tiara Collection: If the Royal Sceptre or Fairy Wand isn't enough to feel like you're in fantasy land, the 3 new tiaras in this collection might help with that!
  • NEW Fairytale Housing Scenery: If everything else just wasn't enough, you truly can live in a fantasy world with the new Fairytale Scenery!

  • NEW Jade Dragon Mount: Soar through the skies with a fiery friend! Who knows, you may see others alike!
  • NEW Jade Dragon Pet: Riding around on a dragon is a bit too intimidating? Don't worry, we've got you covered! You can explore the world safely from the ground with the new dragon to keep you company!
  • NEW Jade Dragon Warp Key Appearance: Still nervous about dragons? How about an adorable little dragon that likes to hang out on your shoulder?
With these new items, we've also added two bundles on our store to make it easier to buy the items in bulk! Purchasing these bundles will also allow you to get the items for less.

To view this release's items, you can view our store here. These items are also available in the Potter Points store, and all items (except the warp key appearance) can be previewed in our in-game store!