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Fantasy Sale

Hello witches and wizards!

We're excited to announce a sale on all fantasy-themed items! Until June 16 at 12am, all these items will be up to 30% off their regular price. Here is a list of all items on sale!

Note: This sale does not apply to the Potter Points store in-game or the New Releases category on the webstore.

Tiara Collection
Golden Laurel
Purple Fairy Wings
Dragon Wings
Dragon Wings & Horns Combo
White Angel Wings
Dark Angel Wings
Fairy Wings
Pink Fairy Wings
Green Fairy Wings
Yellow Fairy Wings
Rainbow Fairy Wings
White Dragon Horns
Moose Antlers
Deer Antlers
Dragon Horns

Housing Sceneries:
Fairytale Scenery
Homes for Gnomes Scenery
Greek Myths Scenery
Underland Scenery
Unicorn Scenery
Phoenix Hatchery Scenery

Emote Packages:
Action Emotes

Pet Jade Dragon
Pet Baby Pegasus
Pet Sneeler
Pet Fairy
Pet Bluefyre Fiend
Pet Skeleton

Broom Appearances:
Jade Dragon Mount
Pegasus Mount
Blue Magic Carpet
Green Magic Carpet
Red Magic Carpet
Yellow Magic Carpet
Hippogriff Mount

Warp Key Appearances:
Jade Dragon

Death Effects:
Lightning Death Effects
Black Hole Death Effects

Wolf Animorphus
Rabbit Animorphus
Owl Animorphus

Wand Appearances:
The Fairy Wand
The Lightning Bolt Staff
The Water Staff
The Black Dragon Wand
The Star Moon Wand
The Flower Staff
The White Wizard Staff
The Trident Staff
The Wings Wand
The Grey Wizard Staff
Enchanted Tome
The White Witch's Staff
The Dragon Staff
Unicorn Horn Wand & Hat Combo

Phoenix Guardian
Fairy Guardian

Fairytale Bundle
Jade Dragon Bundle
Fairy Wings Bundle