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FAQ: Minecraft Server

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This thread will cover the most frequently asked questions on the server.

We have a thread just for this question! Read it by clicking here.

We recommend you check out our ‘Getting Started’ thread. It will explain everything you need to know to play the game. You can get to it by clicking here.

Check out our wand tutorial for more information.

Don’t see your wand in your inventory? No worries! You might have placed it in your ender chest; check to make sure it’s not there. If you still haven’t found it, create a ticket using ‘/t create’.

You can type ‘/spawn’ or ‘/warp info’ if you ever get stuck. If this, for some reason, does not work, contact staff using '/t create'.

There are 80 levels in total. You enter a new year every 10th level. You start at year one, but once you reach level 11, you will have become a year 2. This next part will show you exactly what year you are depending on your level:

Year 1: Level 1-10
Year 2: Level 11-20
Year 3: Level 21-30
Year 4: Level 31-40
Year 5: Level 41-50
Year 6: Level 51-60
Year 7: Level 61-70
Graduate: Level 71-80

In order to get more spells and level up, you will need to gather experience. You can do so by:
  • Defeating mobs
  • Trading AC for experience at the Trophy Room
  • Completing quests
  • Completing daily activities
  • Claiming your daily reward in the Daily Activities menu in '/me'
You can view your current experience in the '/me' menu by hovering over your head.

Check out our leveling tutorial for more information:

Type '/vote' to get a list of all the websites you can vote for the server on. Each successful vote will give you 10 ‘voting tokens’. These tokens can be spent in the voting room, for academic credits, gold and cosmetic items.
Fun fact: You'll be able to claim an activity on the Daily Activities menu in '/me' if you manage to vote 5 times. This will give you some really useful rewards for your progression on the server.

You can find all of our rules by clicking here.

There are a few ways you can contact staff:

Mazes and parkours can be found all around the world. You can get coordinates to them by checking the map here. You can also type '/map' in-game for a link to the world map.

In order to submit a ban appeal, you will need to create an account on our website and log-in. You can submit a ban appeal by clicking here. Remember to include as much detail as possible, and to always be honest.

You can view when a class is starting by typing '/nc' in chat, however, don’t be discouraged if the next class isn’t happening for a while. Surprise classes happen often, so keep an eye out and wait for one to happen.

When a class is starting, a broadcast will appear saying CLICK HERE to join class. Click on that message to join the queue. Clicking it again will remove you from the queue.

You will be teleported to the class a few minutes after joining the queue.
You can find our full class schedule by clicking here.

Check out our class tutorial for more information:

There are a few ways you can earn money. A few of the ways include:
  • Selling items to other players using the marketplace, or by starting your own shop.
  • Trading your other currencies for gold; such as academic credits and voting tokens.
  • Doing the daily activities.
  • Completing the Daily Riddle given by the Tommy Riddle NPC near great hall.
  • Playing the minigames in '/games' or doing the mazes and parkours found on the map.
You can view your current balance by using any of the following commands: '/money', '/bal', '/balance' and '/ac'.

Check out our how to earn gold video for more information:

Mobs can be found anywhere on the server, some are neutral while others can be aggressive and will attack you on sight. Some mobs have special abilities, so keep an eye out for those and make sure to dodge them. Most have a cast-time, so you will see them coming before they hit you. You can find coordinates to all the mobs on the map by clicking here.

Daily Activities reward completing daily quests. These include minigames, attending classes and plenty more! You can find the Daily Activities menu in '/me'.

Chat channels allow you to speak in different chats which all have different purposes such as for trade, roleplays or just basic global chat. To access the full list of chats type out' /ch' and a list of chat codes will pop up. Then, type out '/ch join (chat code)' and you will have access to view the chat and type in it. There are also two other commands that can allow you to join and leave all channels at once. To join every chat channel type out '/ch join all' and to leave all chat channels type out '/ch leave all'.

Minigames are Potterworld's spin-off on classic Minecraft minigames! These are fun-filled strategy games you can play by typing '/games' on the server! They range from our take on the wizarding game Quabbleball, to battling each other in Spell Wars. You get a gold reward for participating in these games. If you wish to view your game statistics, you can type /'gamestats' to do so! These are also on our website, which updates every hour! Click here to go to the games website. Good luck, and have fun!

Parties are private in-game group chats that you can invite players to and chat! In order to create your own party, you have to type: '/party create'. Once you’ve done so, you can invite other players to your party using /party invite (name). There are several other commands for parties. In order to view them all, type '/party help' in game.

Check out our party tutorial for more information:

Spell points are a way for you to personalize your style of magic when dueling and fighting magical creatures. There are five different types of spell trees; charms, jinxes, curses, transfiguration and defensive. Within each spell tree, you can use spell points to improve spells by reducing cooldowns, increasing duration and much more.
You will get more spell points as you level up until you reach the maximum of 30 spell points at level 80. There is no best spell tree setup, it is purely based on how you want to play.

  • /t create to contact staff
  • /spawn if you get stuck
  • /ch for chat channels
  • /packs to choose a resource pack
  • /friend for friends
  • /party for parties
  • /housing to go to your housing
  • /bal to view your balance
  • /nc to view next class
  • /help for basic information
Still got a question? Contact a staff member in-game using: /t create
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