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Gameplay Patches & Improvements [December 7th 2020]


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Over the past week or so, we have been adding in improvements & patches into the game! This announcement will go over everything that was changed.

We have added a spawner outside the Boomslang Cave entrance at [4075, 30, 3400] in Hogsend. Hopefully this change will make it easier to find this mob spawn location!

We have adjusted the Academic Credits to Gold trader ratio.
1 AC:10 Gold --> 1 AC:20 Gold
5 AC:50 Gold --> 5 AC:100 Gold
10 AC:100 Gold --> 10 AC:200 Gold
We hope you enjoy the new ratio, and have more incentive to attend classes!

If you haven't noticed, we've recently re-added in the Hogsworth Guards at the front of the school! We hope that you're excited to see them back!

We recently added gold back to hidden chests. Depending on the level of the hidden chest, you can receive a random amount of gold from a range of 1 to 25 Gold. Hopefully this will help you guys earn gold easier!

We have removed all professions items from hidden chests. Hopefully this will make it so professions items aren't so easily accessible, and encourages you guys to do professions.

We have added a few new locations to Scarlett in Hogsworth. The locations we added are the Wiggleworm Quad, the Trophy Room, the Charms Classroom

We've made a small edit to the entrance GUI for the Room of Hidden Things. It now has a warning on it's icon saying that it is a maze, and you can get lost.

We have made a few small edits to our current quests on the world. These are mostly the lower level quests in Hogsworth.

We have made it so players cannot leave their common room after being sorted if they do not have a Warp Key Bag. Hopefully this will make it so we avoid confusion with new players missing out on the 'First Year Struggles' quest and not getting their Warp Key Bag.

We have added a particle trail to the Class Schedule item in the 'First Year Struggles' quest. We hope that this will make one of the first quests a little less confusing for new players!

We have added a way to leave the Charms Classroom in the 'Feathers Afloat' quest, so new players don't feel like they're stuck there.

We have adjusted the wording in quests involving the word 'Class'. They have been changed to 'Classroom' to avoid confusion between the location on the world and an actual Class.

We have added holograms to the Wicked Willow Twigs in 'The Quabbleball Pitch' quest. We hope that this will make it more clear on where players need to go!

We have added an instruction hologram on how to switch hotbars in the 'A Future Unforetold' quest. This will hopefully help new players learn how to use their wand!

We have added coordinates to The Daily Newsletter at Hogsend in the 'Promoting S.P.E.W.' quest description. We hope that this will help you guys find this location better in the quest.

We hope you guys enjoy all these changes. Most of this was really small stuff, but we want to ensure that you guys know what we're editing/changing, and that we're always working on something! Happy Holidays!


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omg i love these changes!!! i cannot wait to check them all out!!!! thank you so much for always keeping the player's gameplay experience in mind!!!