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Gameplay Update 1.2.2 [February 24th 2021]


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Minecraft IGN: apaulled
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Hello everyone! The Unspeakables team has prepared another mid-update patch for you all! Please keep in mind anything in the "Upcoming Content" section is subject to change and not set in stone, nor do we have a release date guaranteed for any of it.

New Content
  • Added a bank to most major towns (The map will be updated with the correct icons in a few days)
  • Added a travelling marketplace to all major towns (The map will be updated with the correct icons in a few days)
  • Added a new gold coin toy to the toy shop
  • Added directions to the crafting tables used in many quests to their respective menus
Changed Content
  • The enchanted compass now includes all major towns
  • Made many early sequences take longer to time-out
  • Coordinates now show for in-progress and complete quests in years 1 & 7 in the Quest Journal
  • Years 6 & 7 quest builds are now re-enterable, as well as quest builds for "Memory Lane" and "The Demons Inside"
  • Predictise mobs are now neutral
  • Fixed many bugs with existing content

Upcoming Content (subject to change)
  • The remainder of our existing quest builds will become re-enterable
  • We're looking to add more methods of fast travel, locked behind new and/or existing quests
  • We're going to be taking a look at making some small changes to spells to make them more interesting
  • We will be adding some higher-level content to Hogsworth
  • You will be able to point your magical compass to quest starting locations via the Quest Journal
  • You will be able to see the starting coordinates of all quests while they are both in-progress and complete
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