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Getting Started on PotterworldMC

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Salutations student! Welcome to Potterworld!

Are you having trouble getting started on the server? If so, no worries! This tutorial here should get you started on the server, and ensure that you have a great time.

When you join the server for the first time, you will start in our introduction questline. This questline will make sure that you get the basics of the server.

Here are a few tips for this tutorial:
  • You can talk to an NPC (a human) by clicking on them. Both left click and right click should work.
  • Follow the purple particles when they occur. They’re there to guide you.
  • Not sure what to do now? Check the next step in your /q menu.
  • Let the magic guide you!
This introduction questline will also give you your first wand. It’s important to remember that the wand chooses the wizard! This is how you can use your wand:
  • You can right-click to open your spell hotbar. You will see your first 2 spells in here.
  • If there's no longer space in your hotbar and you get another spell, do not worry! This will be added to your 'wand inventory'. You can access this inventory by clicking E whilst having your spell hotbar active.
  • You can select a spell by clicking on the number it’s on, or by scrolling. Once it’s selected, the name of the wand should change to the selected spell.
  • You can left-click to cast your spell.
  • You also have two hotbars. You can switch hotbar by pressing on your drop key button, which is usually Q by default.
Still not quite sure how to use your wand? Check out the following tutorial:

Now that you’ve received your wand, robes, and books, you’re ready to head off to the magical school known as Hogsworth. Once you get there, you will be sorted into a house depending on who you are as a person. There are in total four houses:
  • Griffins: House of the Brave
  • Honeybadgers: House of the Kind
  • Ravens: House of the Wise
  • Serpents: House of the Cunning
Note: If you are not happy with your house, you can buy a resort from our store. Click here to get to the store. This will give you the option to take the quiz again, not reset all progress. If you would like to reset your progress, purchase a "Reset Token" from the store.

You’re now in the real world with everyone else! You can now ride booms, get more spells, attend classes, duel others, fight mobs and evil people, build your own house, get magical items, get a pet, hat or a new wand appearance, play a couple of minigames and so much more.

We encourage exploration, so it’s important to check out the entire server. We offer many quests and activities to ensure that you do not get bored, so make sure to explore and find everything.

Got a question? Not sure what something is? Check out our FAQ section where we try to answer the most frequently asked questions by clicking here. If your question is not there, contact staff using /t create in-game.
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