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Griffins hidden passage


Minecraft IGN: Honey_Dwarf1
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with the location journal being added, there was one hidden passageway that i couldn't understand why it wasn't added - the one between the griffin common room and the head of house. It's through a painting with a pressure plate like lots of other hidden passages in the journal so is there a reason why it isn't on the list and if not, i think it should be added.

Max Fireheart

Minecraft IGN: Maxymoos
Staff Griffin Phoenix Jr. Prefect High Seer
I remember that this is a passage from about 2016/2017, and maybe it just wasn't changed a lot during Revelius with the map update. I think that's definitely a possible reason why it's not on the list, but it would make sense for it to be added too (in my opinion) :D


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This is a mistake on our behalf and we’re working on getting it fixed. It won’t be fixed till the next package which might not be for a while. For now, I’ll be marking this as On Hold till the next package. Thank you for spotting this!

Thank you for your suggestion (and for noticing the oversight, again).