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Halloween Deathday Party

Halloween is now upon us and it is time to celebrate Basically Beheaded Benjamin's Deathday Party with all his ghost friends! Head down to the Ghost Ballroom and enjoy the party! The party will remain in the Ghost Ballroom until November 11th.

Scavenger Hunt
Introduce yourself to each of Benjamin's friends. They're all looking for a specific item from their past within the castle grounds. If you find their items, you get to keep them!

There are two Halloween themed games available, accessible via Kevin in the Ghost Ballroom. All active Potterworld Minigames will also reward Boo Bucks for the duration of the event!

Skin Competition
To celebrate Halloween, the Media Team is hosting a skin competition! So bring forth your best skin creation skills and participate. Create a custom skin that fits either category. You are allowed to choose a Potterworld hat with your creation. Your submitted skin will be shown to the public with the hat if you chose one. You are allowed to participate in both categories, but you are not required to. The categories are:
- Halloween Costume
- Deathday Party
Once you have finished your skin(s), please use this form to submit your skin. In the case you wish to change your submission, message either the Head of Media or a Media lead.

You have until the 31st of October, 12pm PST to submit your skin.

Each category will have two winners; the Judge's Choice and the Fan Favourite. The Judge's Choice is chosen by a small panel of judges from the Media staff. The Fan Favourite will be chosen by the audience. The competition will be livestreamed during the weekly hangout on November 2nd at 12pm PST. 24 hours before the hangout, the voting form will be made live. During the hangout, all skins will be shown and talked about in detail. The participants do not have to be present for the stream. All skins will be shown using NPCs. At the end of the stream, both the Judge's Choice and Fan Favourite for each category will be announced.

Each winner will earn 500 Potter Points and a special Halloween themed trophy!

- Staff are not allowed to participate.
- No inappropriate skins.
- All skins must be custom made by you (at least for 70%).
- Only one skin per category.
- You can only win once per category.
- All files you hand in are the skin files in .png format.

For any further questions about the competition, please message the Head of Media.



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Good luck to everyone participating in the competition! <3