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Head of Build

Congratulations to @PotatoEmma on becoming our newest Head of Build! She will be co-heading the department alongside me(@RobotWizz ).

Emma is the kindest, most hard-working and determined person I know and she has gone above and beyond in her role as my Assistant for over a year! I know for a fact she will continue to shine with her new role as Head of Build, and I cannot wait to join her in that adventure.

Gefeliciteerd Emma!



Minecraft IGN: Kqlr
Honeybadger Dark Follower Staff Phoenix Werewolf Jr. Game Designer
Congratulations, potatooo!


Minecraft IGN: Cateo
Auralock Dark Follower Phoenix Serpent Vampire Werewolf
WOO CONGRATS EMMA!!! I'm so super-duper proud of you and I know you're going to do down-to-earth amazing in this new position. This is so so well deserved and gah I'm SO PROUD OF YOU!!! <333


New Magician
Minecraft IGN: LeoTheLynx
Auralock Dark Follower Staff Griffin Phoenix Vampire Class Design SPEW
I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU EMMA!!!!!!! I hope that as a Head staff, you have more freedom to share your kindness and amazing creativity to all of us. This server wouldn't be the same without you! <3 Good job!!!!!