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House Pride 2020

Celebrate House Pride this year by engaging in an all-house competition! Travel to the courtyard and earn Pride Points for your house by completing various daily activities and finding hidden chests around the world. Earn Event Tokens by completing these daily activities and competing against other players in Minigames found in /games! The house that triumphs above all will earn 1000 house points, with second earning 500, and third earning 250.

We're also excited to announce that Serpent and Honeybadger have new Head of Houses! Serpents will now be led by DenizTM, while Honeybadgers are being led by KieranTM!

In addition to the House Pride event, there is a store sale for all house and school related items! Check them out on the store!

Each house has its own set of rewards, and you may only purchase the rewards for your house. The rewards are as follows:
- 1 Scarf to display your House Pride
- 2 Special House Pride emotes (previously only available to Staff Members).
- 2 Unique decorative heads
- 1 House Pride banner

Implementation: Anoobalous, DenizTM, FLiiiPENDO and HeyLookBunnies.
Courtyard Build: Game Design/Build Team 2018.
Griffin Statue: FLiiiPENDO.

House Pride will be celebrated until March 28th.