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Housing Update


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Hello everyone!

As addressed in our July Development Blog, we are very excited to announce that we’ve been hard at work overhauling Housing. In this update we address several long sought after quality of life additions and bug fixes to Housing. We are also happy to release a few additions to the Mine Depot too.

New Commands
  • /house settings
  • /house description (with the alias of /house desc)

Quality of Life Additions
Settings & Permissions System Revamp
  • We have entirely overhauled the permission system to add a new set of Housing permissions, these include:
    • Visitor Flight Mode
    • Resident Flight Mode
    • Visitor Magic
    • Resident Magic
    • PVP
    • Damage
    • Door Interactions
    • Trapdoor Interactions
    • Fence Gate Interactions
  • Permissions for your Housing can be modified in /house settings
  • The original /house magic command still exists, but please note this toggles visitor magic only
  • If visitor flight is enabled, all players will be automatically set into flight mode when they join your Housing, the same applies for resident magic
  • Flying as usual, can be toggled off (or on again) at an individual level by doing /house fly
  • Turning off magic will now also grey out all spells found in your hotbar and inventory to indicate that they are disabled

Player Scoreboard
  • Your Housing name is now displayed on your scoreboard
  • /house description <line> <message> supports up to 3 lines of text on your scoreboard to display under the Housing name. You can further use @pdn or @pn to display the nickname or username of the player who is currently looking at the scoreboard, an example can be seen below:
  • The name of the Housing plot you are on is also displayed in the tab menu, as shown below:

House Access
  • The /house access command has been converted to a menu that allows for easier management of your active visiting rules
  • Guild access has also been added as a possible visiting rule

House Residency Management
  • The /house list command has been converted to a menu that displays all the players on your Housing and allows for quick actions such as toggling resident status, kicking or banning a player
  • A House can now also have up to 50 residents
  • You can now view all the Housings you are a resident on via the “My Residences” icon in the /housing menu

  • Cakes can once again be edited, you can now shift right click on a cake to change the texture that it displays
  • When you log into your Housing, a message in chat will appear if your flight mode has been enabled (this includes visitors and residents if the relevant flying setting is enabled)

Bug Fixes
  • When House pvp is disabled, players can no longer be affected by spells, much like casting in the Great Hall or having party friendly fire enabled
  • You are now given back your cake item when you break it
  • Paintings and item frames can no longer be broken while holding a wand
  • Fixed death effects and several other miscellaneous utility spells not casting while on Housing with magic disabled (examples include your Warp Key Bag, the fireworks when you claim a reward in /daily and your Enchanted Handbag)

Mine Depot Changes
Doors and Fences Shop
  • Added support to buy items with multiplier quantities of x2 and x4

Misc. Shop
  • Added support to buy items with multiplier quantities of x2 and x4

Furniture Shop
  • Re-organised the “Decorative Beds” and “Decorative Sofas” menus to be colour coordinated
  • Moved Painting to the “Decoration Shop”
  • Added support to buy items with multipliers quantities of x2 and x4

Decoration Shop
  • Added the Trunk as a purchasable item frame model
  • Added the Stack of Trunks as a purchasable item frame model
  • Added support to buy items with multipliers quantities of x2 and x4

Banner Shop
  • The Griffin, Honeybadger, Raven and Serpent banner icons are now displayed in the shop as to how they’d appear when placed in-game

Head Shop
  • Added a “Coloured Heads” shop
  • Added Brown Owl, Grey Owl and White Owl to the “Animals” heads sub-category
  • Added Onigri and Rice Bowl to the “Food” heads sub-category
  • Re-ordered all the sub-category shops to be alphabetical order
  • Added “Go Back” buttons to all the heads sub-category shops

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Added support for game leaderboards to be displayed in game via holograms
    • This is currently restricted to the /games menu for now, but we plan on adding leaderboards around the world in the near future
  • Added a /spellpreset update command to modify a spell preset without having to delete and then re-create it
  • Symbols and unicode characters are now allowed in guild prefixes
  • Added a /weeklyassignment command to link players to the weekly assignment form
  • Fixed a bug where your wand name would count colour codes when validating if its length exceeded the maximum
  • Optimised gear loading, you should now load faster when joining a server

That is all for this update, however like any update, we would absolutely love to hear all suggestions and feedback on what we can do to continuously improve Housing. We’ve tried to address all the commonly requested changes, but it’s always possible we missed something.

We’d furthermore like to briefly address two other highly sought after features. These are Guild Housing and Housing Resets.
Housing Resets are a work in progress, and we hope to have that accessible to players within the next month or so.​

Unfortunately for Guild Housing, our current Housing infrastructure does not give us the flexibility to make more Housing plots. This is something we hope to address in the future, but we have no ETA at the present point in time.​

Finally we'd also like to thank everyone who was involved in making suggestions, giving feedback and testing these features, as these updates would not be the same without you guys!

Thank you, everyone! This concludes our final planned plugin overhaul for now, and we're super excited for you all to try this. We thank you all for your patience in these long overdue changes to friends, parties, and now Housing!