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Inquisitor Application Updates


Hey! Today we bring you guys some updates to the Inquisitor Application! This post will go over all of the changes made to the application, along with the role responsibilities and things team members can expect to do if they join the team.

Application Updates
We have decided to lower the level requirement to level 50, so hopefully we can reach more interested applicants!

We have also removed a couple questions on the application that we felt were repetitive or too difficult for just a written application. Hopefully this change will make it less daunting to apply for this position.

Role Responsibilities
The Inquisitorial Squad has lots of creative freedom to create any sort of activities or 'events' for the community and Staff Team to enjoy.

Currently, the team works on monthly Community Engagements that include a couple planned activities that they host. These activities can range from hangouts, player vs. player, individual gameplay, team building activities, and more! The activities that the team can come up with can range from something as simple as setting up a movie theatre to just hangout and watch movies on Discord to full out player vs. player competitions! We're open to many new ideas, and we'd love to see what potential applicants have to offer with their ideas.

The Inquisitorial Squad also creates and hosts activities for the Staff Team to enjoy. This includes team building activities (TBAs) after our All-Staff meetings, along with a Staff 'Event' called Staff Appreciation Day (SAD). Similar to Community Engagements, or other community driven activities that the Inquisitorial Squad plans, these Staff Activities provide creative freedom to come up with fun ideas for our hardworking Staff Members to enjoy.

Any specific requirements needed before applying for the position of Inquisitor can be found on the application.

We hope these changes and clarifications make it less intimidating to apply for this position. We can't wait to potentially see some more great applicants!