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Inquisitorial Squad Updates

Greetings everyone!

After a lot of internal discussions, we’ve made the decision to move the Inquisitorial Squad into the Game Design department. This decision was made due to quite a few big reasons, but at the end of the day, we feel as though given what the Inquisitorial Squad is in charge of being in Game Design can make the team function and create better content for both the players and staff team.

We’re very proud of what the Inquisitorial Squad has accomplished within CM. As time goes and as we try out new things, we simply realize that change is sometimes needed for some things - and this is one of those instances.

Everyone in the Inquisitorial Squad will still remain. Open applications that we’re moving forward with an interview with will be asked if they’re still interested now that it’s in Game Design.

Community engagement events will still be a thing, but Game Design has some really exciting plans on how to rework them so they’re a lot more enjoyable. I cannot wait for the team to create these and for you all to try them!

Thank you all! I hope you’re as excited for this team as I am.



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Hope you all are just as excited for these new changes in our Community Engagement events as us inquisitors are!! :D
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