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Introducing Community Management

Greetings everyone! We bring you some exciting news!

It has always been a goal of ours to connect with our community, be transparent with them and ensure that our players feel heard. It’s an area that we can always better ourselves in, and today, we attempt to do so by adding an entirely new department to the server.

This department will be known as Community Management. Its main goal is to improve how we interact with the playerbase (you guys!), and listen to their input. This department will ensure that players remain happy, and always have somewhere to go to for concerns and new ideas for the server. It’ll start off with two ranks:

This is a staff rank and anyone can apply for it (and you should if you meet the requirements hehe).

Responsibilities as a Poltergeist will include the following:
  • Playing through new gameplay (events, quests, etc.) before it is released to give feedback.
  • Constantly keep an open mind to find new ways to improve the server.
  • Create and send feedback forms for the Discord server, so we can consistently measure how well we are satisfying the playerbase.
  • Listen to other players and respond to their ideas. If you believe the idea is good, notify the team.
And more. This means that your primary responsibility as a Poltergeist is simply to leave feedback on the server and help us find new ways to improve the server on a constant basis.

If you wish to read more about our Poltergeist application, please check out the application by clicking here. This application will be open indefinitely.
Edit 03/21/2020:
I bring you a small update from the Community Management department! This was never a final name, and after much deliberation within the team, we have settled on the name Inquisitor. This means the TBA builder team will be known as the Inquisitorial Squad
TBA Builder:
This is also a staff rank, however, only staff members can apply for it. For transparency with the players, here are the responsibilities that our TBA members have:
  • Consistently hosting fun and unique TBAs for the staff team.
  • Working on creating staff only events (such as Staff Appreciation Day) and more.
This rank will ensure that our staff team feels appreciated at all times by hosting said events.

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this new department! We know we haven’t been the best at being transparent with you guys, but we hope this department changes that. This is a new department, so as we go on, we will learn what works and what does not work, so some things can change in the future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message myself on here or on Discord (Deniz#0007)! I will be leading this department for the foreseeable future. :D
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