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Introducing New Arena Additions

Over the past while, the Arena Team has been thinking about different ways we can make Challenges & Tournaments unique to anything on Potterworld! We are now ready to release these new changes and additions to you guys!

Season Championships
We will be introducing a new addition to the PVP Community called Seasons! Seasons span over a period of 3 months. In a Season, the goal is to attend Challenges and place within the top 4.

Placing within the top 4 of a Challenge will earn you 'Arena Points' (1st place - 4 Arena Points, 2nd Place - 3 Arena Points, 3rd Place - 2 Arena Points, 4th Place - 1 Arena Point). Arena Points go towards your 'Arena Score'. You can only earn Arena Points in Challenges; You do not earn Arena Points from Monthly Tournaments.

There are three categories to earn Arena Points in; Dueling, Flying, and an Overall category. The dueling category will only include Arena Points earned in dueling challenges, the flying category will only include Arena Points earned in flying challenges, and the overall category will include ALL Arena Points earned in any challenge type. Seasonal Challenges would fall into the overall category when those are hosted.

At the start of a Season, everyone will start with 0 Arena Score and 0 Challenge statistics. Throughout the Season, you can attend Challenges and compete against fellow witches and wizards to boost your Arena Scores and Challenge statistics. Monthly Tournaments don't affect your Season statistics, only Challenges do. You can now check your Arena Scores and Challenge statistics for the current Season in /gamestats --> Season Arena Statistics.

At the end of a Season there will be rewards given out to the winner of each category. The duelist and flier with the most Arena Points will be named the Season Champion for their respective category. The witch or wizard who had the highest Overall Arena Score will be named the Season Arena MVP! Becoming a Season winner will give you cool cosmetics for the next Season until the next winners are announced (3 months)! If a player happens to win a Season and also wins Monthly Tournaments, they will get to decide with prefix they would like to keep.

When a Season ends and the Champions are announced, all stats from that Season will be reset, so we can start fresh!

Challenges & Monthly Tournaments/Arena Tokens/Other changes
In general, most of the Challenges and Monthly Tournaments will be hosted pretty much the same as they have been. Challenges and Monthly Tournaments will now give a unique currency specific for Arena Team hosted events! This currency is called Arena Tokens.

You can earn Arena Tokens by participating in Challenges and Tournaments; Participating will earn you 5 Arena Tokens and placing within the top 4 will earn you extra! Arena Tokens can be used for an in-game shop located at the Dueling Halls! There is some really cool cosmetics to purchase such as: Hats/Wand Appearances, emotes, spells, items, etc.

As per suggested, we will also be bringing back Surprise Challenges! We're super excited to see this come back!

We have moved the separate Arena Selector GUIs into one GUI.

Also huge thank you to Zmooya (Zmiya) for creating all of the spells/emotes for our Arena Token Shop!

With these changes, this means that we will now be starting the first Season! The Season will finish at the end of April, and we will announce the first Season Champions! We hope you guys enjoy these changes and additions! We're really hyped to get things rolling, and can't wait to hopefully see more of you attending Challenges and Tournaments!
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