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Introducing Spell Presets

Greetings Witches & Wizards!

We are very excited to announce the release of a unique addition to our magic system: Spell Presets.
Spell presets will allow you save the position of spells in your spell inventory and switch between these saves.

Saving a spell preset requires you to run a single command and your entire spell inventory in its current state will be preserved. When you are ready to return to your preset save, a single command will rearrange all your spells to the position they were in when you saved the preset.

Players will (for now) start with 2 spell presets.


/preset save <name> - Save your entire wand inventory as a new spell preset
/preset apply <name> - Load a saved spell preset
/preset delete <name> - Delete a saved spell preset
/preset list - Show a list of all your saved spell presets

You can use /preset to view all the commands in-game.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new feature.
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Frost is rly a king for this one


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Could there be spell point/talent presets for future?


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Woohoo! Great addition to the server! I’m excited to try this out! 🤩