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July Store Releases and Store Sale

Greetings witches and wizards!

We on the Store Manager Team are excited to announce this month's new store items! Additionally, we also bring you the Mid-Summer Sale with up to 50% off on all store items except for this month's new store items! The sale will endure until the 31st of July and end at 12 am PST, so make sure you get the items you want on time!

The new store items that we bring you are the following:
  • NEW Sunflower Flower Crown: With this new flower crown, you will look stylish as you frolic through the meadows!
  • NEW Snorkel Mask: Take a deep dive into the underwater world and explore! This also comes with the Ocean Dive emote!
  • NEW Kelpie Mount: Take a trip through the skies with this magical creature broom appearance from the sea!
  • NEW Summer Emote Pack: Now you can express how summer makes you feel to your friends! These are the emotes:
    • Sun lounging
    • Make lemonade
    • Eat ice cream
    • Go swimming
    • Build a sandcastle
We hope you'll enjoy the new store items as well as the sale!

Note: The sale does not apply to the Potter Points store, however, you'll find all new store items there!
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