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June 2023 Flying Tournament Sign-Up

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carlyy <3

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Welcome to the sign-up thread for the June 2023 Flying Tournament. This tournament is a 3v3 tournament that will take place on Saturday, June 3rd at 12pm PST. Sign-ups will close on Saturday, June 3rd at 11:50am PST.

How to join:
Comment your in-game name, your teammate's in-game name, and all of your houses on this thread. Once that is done, you will be signed up for the tournament! When the tournament begins, you'll be added by the Arena team. Please ensure you're online for the start of the tournament.

If you wish to participate but do not have a team yet, comment only your IGN and house below and we'll pair you up with other players!

For more information on Flying Tournaments, click here.
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Minecraft IGN: Koesam20
Frebii:geek:, Koesam20:), (looking for a third prefereably either Tallblondedude or smaetric or
QTPantalones please)
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Invisibilia :raven:
M_Engel :honeybadger:
TallBlondeDude :serpent: Welcome abroad!

Edit: Aurora nor Tall can make it to the new hour, So I will sign it as solo
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