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June Store Releases

Hello witches and wizards! The Store Manager team is excited to release exciting new items to enjoy this month.

These items are:
  • NEW Purple Fairy Wings: These shiny new purple wings will fit you well on your adventure with the fairies!
  • NEW Regal Gardens Scenery: Enjoy the lovely green gardens and astonishing quartz structures surrounding your home!
  • NEW Rainbow Wand Effects: With these wand effects, your wand will emit a colourful array of particles - you'll be the most colourful wizard out there!
For more information, you can view our store at store.potterworldmc.com. You can also preview these items in the in-game store!

These items are also available in the Potter Points shop.



New Magician
Minecraft IGN: xMye
Aurorlock Dark Follower Phoenix Serpent Vampire
I purchased the wings and wand effect! The wings go so well with my skin / style! 💜